Chelzzz – Get Hype – Single Review

The US hip-hop artist Chelzzz revealed the single Get Hype a few days ago.

Chelzzz - Get Hype


Once again slamming against the stereotypical portrayal of ‘gender order’  – in Get HypeChelzzz – delivers a track that sears a branding iron in to the listener with its table-turning presence. Chelzzz has the innate ability to be at one with sarcastic derision whilst simultaneously delivering lyric that rages with contempt for institutional and genre patriarchy.

The verbal wit is wrapped inside a searing temper that, akin to a flamethrower, scorches those within touching distance. It is always a pleasure to return to Chelzzz who, with satire, tears to shreds the ‘acceptable’ whilst burning a spotlight on what that mindset is in reality, whilst, fully anticipating and taking delight in those it rips in to will find the intent flying way over their head.

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