Chelsea Turnbull

Chelsea Turnbull based in London in England is an aspiring singer.

Chelsea Turnbull - a singer from England

Chelsea Turnbull

Here Emerging Indie Bands goes pre-emerging and it is a pleasure to introduce Chelsea Turnbull.

This is a long way from the regular posts as we find Chelsea seeking her landscape, so why would I ask you to spend a moment? First and foremost because I think she has talent and is someone I personally would like to see to do well.

Enough of me…About a year ago I received an email – ‘Tim, I have done a song, can you help.  Whilst interesting vocally, not very helpful, so I posited, Chelsea, something else – saving hard, some other songs arrived and once again I snarled, after more saving up a couple of tunes dropped in my email today.

I have heard an EPs worth of covers from Chelsea and not only does she have staying power and determination, she also has a voice that deserves attention, I have faith she also has the ability to write her own songs.

With this I introduce Chelsea Turnbull, to Chelsea, please write your own songs as I know you have the ability, have faith in yourself, with best wishes for a sparkling career – Tim

For more information on speaking to Chelsea, well for now, I am her primary contact point to drop me an email to tim @ and I will ensure she receives your thoughts.

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  1. you are amazing

  2. You are amazing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. fantastic voice hope she does well

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