Cheerleader from Philadelphia in the USA is the indie-pop quintet of Joe HallerChris DuranPaul ImpellizeriJosh Pannepacker and Carl Bahner.

Cheerleader - photo by Carrie Davenport-Photography

Cheerleader – photo by Carrie Davenport-Photography

The bashful cheekiness finds long lost dimples in the cheeks as Cheerleader take the freshness into the realm of Nivea Cream, but for that very naivety there is so much to enjoy.  The preppy effervescence reminds of a puppies desire to please but it the quintets ability to rail in the cloying neediness to add an element of back-bone which marks them out as a band to spend some time to explore.

Although having formed a few years back, through enforced break and a more recent reformation as a full band, it would be fair to say that Cheerleaders are new out of the blocks.

The quintet retain the zingy immaturity of the founding sparks, but as a unit are able to add some darkening embers which gives the music a depth and constituency which raises it far above the gloop. Although light-framed Cheerleaders have a sturdiness which allows them to capture the attention of the audience with well spaced compositions which are able to furl some earth around which would otherwise be pristine white pressed flares and is that juxtaposition of the disposable and the considered which they are able to negotiate, which makes this an out-fit of some joyful interest.


Cheerleader – EP – Cheerleader is available on iTunes*.

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