Che Prasad

Che Prasad is the solo creator from San Anselmo in the USA who delivers alt-rock and blues.

Che Prasad - alt R'n'B from the USA

Che Prasad

Combining influences from across the globe, along with a disparity of strings Che Prasad utilises his talent and awareness to deliver music which reflects an underlying political perspective.

Whilst wrapped in the umbrella of R’n’B, the output itself has a global reach and reflective, providing an exhilarating journey into a genre I generally find somewhat insipid.

Utilising additional players and voices where appropriate Che Prasad is able to capture the focus as the listener wonders where the material will next lead. That isn’t to say it is a journey without direction as evidenced by his debut eleven track LP – Shiva Me Timbers – which has a natural flow to the material which ranges from the mainstream, through Sea Shanties to classical Indian sub-continent.

The idiosyncratic, slightly comedic lyrics are not overtly aggressive, more of a tempter for the audience to wrestle whilst around it lays a delightful construct of instrumentation for the audience to enjoy even on a non-engaged level. However to not work with the words and the sounds is to miss the full value of the out-put.


Shiva Me Timbers – Che Prasad is available on iTunes*.

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