Charlie Says – Vena Cava – EP Review

The Welsh rock quartet Charlie Says released the EP Vena Cava on the 30th of June.

Charlie Says

Charlie Says

These are a highly talented group of musicians who during the course of the roughly eighteen minutes of the four songs are able to wrest a whole gamut of emotional reaction from the listener.

Opening with the pulverising title track – the room is transformed in to a heaving mass of frenetic head banging and wayward air guitar as the song hurtles past the dancing bodies.

Next is the heart-aching melody and vocal extravaganza of Heartshaped that finds the floor washed in tears and is my pick of the release.

The penultimate song Witches transforms the sound to a latino rumble that underpins a cinematic theme and the feeling of the intimacy of the vocal.

Sadly the end of Vena Cava is signalled by the opening bars of the closer No More Glory which fires in to a raw blues rock number that fizzes with energy – leaving those in earshot shouting for more and I do look forward to hearing more by Charlie Says in short order.

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