Charlie Mess – Rhyme – Audio

The US angst-rock creator Charlie Mess was introduced last year.

Charlie Mess - Double Space - artwork

Charlie Mess – Double Space – artwork

With quite different paint brushes the newest LP to surface, which came out earlier this month and available on bandcamp, Double Space is a roughly thirty eight minutes nine track album that minds me of the works of Edvard Munch as the painful realities of life scream through the room akin to descriptors of eviscerating wounds to the mind.

For those who like their music of gentle waves, probably not only is the wrong site to be engaged, but also a release to swerve in wide arc. For those of us who like music of raw honesty – set aside the time and turn everything up to full volume and allow the distortion to wreak havoc with the senses.

My pick of the release being the second track – Rhyme.

For more of the best in music to challenge, Emerging Indie Bands on Google+ is a reasonable starting point.

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