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Chantitown is an English sad-folk project.



Filling the room with a haunting melancholia as the captivating compositions roll from the speakers. The hypnotic draw to the music is the superlative voice as it is given space to spread its wings. The combinations of keys, acoustic guitar and electronica generate the dreamy atmosphere of the songs which have a tempting beauty that gently thread around the listener as the mesmerising textures layer through the ears.

My apologies, this has been sitting in my email inbox for a while, making me a little later than usual to the EP – Cause And The Cure which was released on the 17th. My selection of the five songs being the second track – Truth – which has a lilting traditionalist, verging on Indian sub-continental, immersive quality.


Cause and the Cure – EP – Chantitown is available on iTunes.*

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  1. Emma Bravington

    Just discovered Chantitown through your site and she is out of this world! Haven’t heard music like this in a long time, gave me goosebumps! Truth and Sinking into Blue are my favs! Thank you for introducing me to her music. Exx

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