Cazimi is the alt-rock quartet of Ian Hedley (Rhythm Guitar), Steve Liddle (Drums), Tony Lindstedt (Bass / Vocals) and Jim McCulloch (Lead Guitar) from Sunderland in England.

Cazimi - alt-rock from England


Long in thought process it was only last year that the band formed –  around four long-time friends and last month that Cazimi revealed three of their recorded four songs in a three track single entitled My Sign.

Like a bottle of Pétrus quietly maturing over the decades in the cellar and on being opened brings to delight to those who partake, such is the instance with Cazimi and the delay in revealing the resulting music leaves the audience ferreting around looking for more dusty bottles of the vintage.

The quartet blend together disparities of ideas, some of psychedelia, others of new-age-new-wave, with splashes of ’70s rock and come up with solidly composed and delivered music which builds layers of texture through the shifting patterns of each of the elements emerging from the background which in turn merges with the next evolution.

Whilst the tracks won’t have you leaping around the dance-floor, neither will they leave you playing the songs quietly in the background. Cazimi produce music that provides for a moment in which to contemplate the sounds for their own impressive creativity and find a prominent place in the ‘grown-up moments’ playlist and I look forward to hearing future material.

If you don’t happen to live in Sunderland, where the My Sign is available in record stores but do want to grab hold of the CD – drop them a message via their social media page

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