Catholic Guilʇ – Lucky Country – Audio

The Australian sadcore duo Catholic Guilʇ released the EP Hymnbook Volume 1 on the 6th.

Catholic Guilʇ

Catholic Guilʇ

A five track release (available on bandcamp) of quizzical outlook of the world around laid to an acoustic-emo soundtrack.

The roughly twenty one minutes release keeps the listener attuned, like an attentive puppy cocking their head from side to side,  to the disparate songs which are one moment steeped in dry humour, the next heft a dour countenance in to earshot.

My selection from Hymnbook Volume 1 being the closer Lucky Country – which is their most explicit protestation of the politics of a nation of geo-politics and ‘get orf my land’ mentality – which, sadly, can be applied to far too many citizens of many of the self-entitled ‘developed countries’ around the world.


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