Foreign Architects – Fall – Single Review

The Australian indie-rock duo Foreign Architects release their latest single Fall on the 16th.

Foreign Architects - Photo: Jonathan Wong

Foreign Architects – Photo: Jonathan Wong

The munching percussion furrows its way across the room as Foreign Architects utilise the drum-kit as a lead instrument in Fall, how could I not be enamoured? The solidly planted guitar and bass amplification maintains the fulminations of the sticks. Vocal adds a different dimension to the two and a half minutes of rumble as it is of softer tone giving the duo the ability to thread a brief song with much to consider.

It is little surprise Foreign Architects have garnered much regional interest, Fall sows the seeds for a much broader international following than having been gained from a trip to Singapore.


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Camcorder – Manifest Misery – EP Review

My apologies to everyone, especially to you, for the late posting of news of the latest release of the English mulch-rock outfit Camcorder.



Sitting in my email in-box since the 14th has been news of their début EP Manifest Misery, by Camcorder, which much like the title takes the audience on a journey of inner tumult.

The opening track, Wither is within the scope of the release, despite this being of lighter texture than the core of Manifest Misery nonetheless affords some of the oily soaked rags of guitar which feature strongly elsewhere.

Longest Looser is without doubt a truffle rarely unearthed. A scowled guitar minds me of a vulture arguing over the best carrion and you can’t help but catch the pungent scent of rotting meat.

Next is the diamond of the quartet of songs, which, being replete with throbbing bass, there was some inevitability that I would select Say as my pick of the release.

It would be churlish to pass through a release review without mentioning percussion and vocal and within the acoustic schematics of the closing track Low they are given more dominating roles than in other pieces. In a number which finds Camcorder in less tense moment.

Manifest Misery, which is available on bandcamp, is a fine spot in which to discover Camcorder, whilst, I personally hope they will develop the darker side of their sound, you may judge differently. A release, for sure, to add to the collection.

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French Leave – Head Over Heels – Single Review

French Leave, from England return to the site with a more dream-laden-rock sound than previously heard.

French Leave - Head Over Heels

French Leave

A new single, Head Over Heels, is released tomorrow and finds the trio enticing the listener with a somnambulist number. Which like the best dreams, you just don’t want to end.

The subtle contrast to previous material is noticeable, as the synths are afforded largesse, which enables French Leave to deliver a track that synchronises both sides of the brain resulting in an experience akin to a floating chamber.

Which ever way they cut the cake, French Leave is a band who deserve far greater prominence as their majestic compositions sweep around the room.

Head over Heels – Single – French Leave is available on iTunes.*

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Muerto Rico – Worst Coast – EP Review

It has been just under a year since the Serbian angst-rock trio Muerto Rico were introduced. On the 8th they released the EP Worst Coast.

Muerto Rico - Worst Coast

Muerto Rico

The four track EP is best played in an abandoned graveyard as Muerto Rico, deliver what they do best in an oppressive night. Opening with the longest track – a second under five minutes – Stay Classy / Saint Juan which sends shivers up and down the spine as the skeletal construct is sawn through by jagged bones which penetrate the ears is a scene setter for Worst Coast.

Death By Fabio will find you merging with the moss on the stones as the trio bring forward rattling cymbals to which a pronounced bass provides pivoting polarisation, as the hoarsely screaming vocal mind of a tortured mind seeking comprehension of the plight in which is finds itself.

Next up is my pick of the release Kevin Babin, which also happens to be the shortest number at a smidgen over 135 seconds. Muerto Rico deliver an embodiment of anxiety, which in its brief duration threads from full throttle panic, to gradual acceptance, affording the trio the opportunity to seemingly extend time.

Closing out Worst Coast is Go Lioness in which a superb plectrum sliding along the strings is almost lost in the frenzy of mutilation.

Grab hold of Worst Coast which is available on bandcamp – find yourself a burial ground, crank up the volume and revel in the gothic spires which Muerto Rico will build in the mists.

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KROG – Apokalyps – Single Review

KROG is a symphonic-synth duo from Sweden.



Their latest single, Apokalpys is a fine place to discover KROG, with the blending of electronics and symphonics.

Within the five minutes of Apokalyps the audience is taken on a mesmerising journey of dark-blue velvet invocation, which transfixes the attention. A layer of synthesised mist continually plays in the background, to which a variety of instrumentation adds billows of texture which highlight the ethereal half-chanted vocal mix. Dampened keys and bells ring through the sweeping sounds allowing KROG to infuse the material with an array of imagery in which the listener can imagine their own tale.

Word arrives of an EP being conjured up for later in the year, judging by Apokalyps, a release I am already looking forward to hearing.


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