whenyoung – See How They Run – Single Review

Freshly out of the blocks, whenyoung is an English fuzz-rock band.



Whilst newly minted, whenyoung are experienced musicians who decided to get together and try some fresh ideas.

The first single to surface – See How They Run, takes an old British nursery rhyme about three blind mice and turns it into a salacious commentary, worthy of a space as part of the landscape of Clockwork Orange, of the mores of the 21st Century. whenyoung cast an aloof commentary, akin to the specious mendacious parsimony of mainstream media mediocrity, in a track that appropriately lasts for a mere one hundred and twenty second filler before main commentary comes to salve the sheep – The weather…

A talented group of musicians who have gained traction before even appearing on stage – but stages they have booked. I merely hope this is not a band more interested in manipulating the manipulated, time will tell.

For now – a superb piece of social commentary sponged in a fuzzy template that can stand the speakers rattling.

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OfeliaDorme – Jupiter – Single Review

The Italian ethereal-rock band OfeliaDorme were first introduced in 2009 and last featured in 2014.

OfeliaDorme - Jupiter - artwork

OfeliaDorme – Jupiter – artwork

Whilst always darkly textured, in Jupiter, OfeliaDorme have been able to introduce an even more spectral layering to the music.

The echoing synths provide a moody framework for the track as the bass provides the depth and gloomy weaves of sound and the percussion delivers the sense of an unstoppable foreboding whilst the vocal, which is delivered behind the foggy texturing, provides the haunting melancholia. All enabling the just under five minute track to fully captivate the attention, whilst chilling the spine.

OfeliaDorme have put out a couple of singles this year after a two year break in releasing material and I hope that Jupiter (which is available on bandcamp) marks a return to more regular recordings becoming available.

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EAT FAST – Stammer – Single Review

EAT FAST is a fuzz-rock quartet from England.



Reformed and invigorated from the embers of EAT, three tracks have surfaced in the past couple of months – the most recent Stammer was made available a few hours ago.

In a world of digital television when it either works or doesn’t the pixelation of an out of tune analogue television makes less and less sense as each year passes. EAT FAST are able to make 2016 coalesce with a 4.43 MHz sine wave PALs broadcast as the quartet take the metered sounds of digital compaction and thread them through an analogue decompresser leaving the listener in a state of abandoned joy as the fuzz spirals around the head as though the audience is listening after shaking head from a knock-blow long after the crowd has left for home.

The distorted nuggets of guitar, vocal and percussion collide with each other as though recorded in a single garage using worn out mattresses as baffles.

Whether the three tracks already released make it on to a new fuller release time will tell, for now I merely suggest turn up the volume and enjoy Stammer, when there is more I aim to let you know.

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The Analog Affair – Feel Your Fire – Single Review

A regular staple of the site since their introduction in 2013 the US electro-indie duo The Analog Affair made available a new track within the past twenty four hours.

The Analog Affair - Feel Your Fire - artwork

The Analog Affair – Feel Your Fire – artwork

Feel Your Fire discovers The Analog Affair in a buffered moment as the track combines both skippy beats and hushed tones resulting in a track that entices the listener for its polar extremes.

Rather than Feel Your Fire falling by the wayside as collateral damage by a duo who like to test new ideas The Analog Affair have been able to coalesce the two concepts with a finesse of hand borne of skilled Contract Bridge Players as the feints successfully transpose to a bid of Six No Trumps – Redoubled.

The swooping arches of synthetics festoon the listener in showering confetti as the gauzed vocal slices into the ear whilst the trippy beat finds the feet uncontrollably tapping in syncopation.

Always a pleasure to come back to, in Feel Your Fire, The Analog Affair have raised the bar of expectation for future material with this release.

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SAP – Freight Train – Single Review

SAP is an English garage-grunge trio.



Regularly surfacing with new material that always tickles the fancy, but sadly until now has been out of synch for an feature for one reason or another, their latest track was made available on Wednesday.

Freight Train lays inside a shroud of echoing chambers and the louder you turn the volume the more you find yourself sensing transportation to the UK-Uncut camps that used to exist outside St. Paul’s Cathedral in London (England) and from there taking the few steps to the Whispering Gallery as the delays seem to come from another venue entirely.

SAP, unlike their namesake proprietary software hedge-fund traders designer-coders, don’t attempt to polish the nuggets of sound they produce allowing them to shine in their rawest state and it is this cohesion with the listener that gives the music its intensity that draws the audience on to the same stage to play along with them.

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