Tripnaha – Water – Single Review

The Swedish ethereal-synth duo Tripnaha released the single Water on the 28th.



The ambient washes of sound transport the listener on a ride of luscious texture as the composition leads the mind to contemplate of watching outwards from the inside of a gently streaming waterfall capturing distorted images through the flowing Water as sunlight refracts revolving rainbows of colour in the cortex.

Water is best not heard when you are in a hurry to get to an appointment as even after the four and three quarter minutes of the track have faded away the brain is in a state of relaxation from which it has no desire to hurry to escape.

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Leap Of Faith – Welcome Home – Single Review

The English heavy-metal trio Leap Of Faith revealed the track Welcome Home within the past few minutes.

Leap Of Faith

Leap Of Faith

Pull on a leather jacket and yank up the volume buttons as far as they will go to head-bang with Welcome Home which unfurls the sounds of uncomplicated ’80s rock, reminding of Motörhead and AC/DC with its basal pleasure zones.

Leap Of Faith don’t aim to complicate an uncomplicated musical style, rather add their own brush strokes to the mewling guitar, pulsating percussion and throbbing bass which is adroitly accomplished by the distinctive vocal that shatters through the speakers in their compressed spring coils of the style.

Word has it that the trio spent some time in the studio recently and I look forward to hearing more of their recordings which I will share with you as I am able.

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Betty Pulls A Fast One – Ghost Cat – Single Review

The English dance-tronic duo Betty Pulls A Fast One were introduced earlier in the year with their début number.

Betty Pulls A Fast One - Ghost Cat

Betty Pulls A Fast One – Ghost Cat

Within the past four hours their latest track surfaced – Ghost Cat – a just over four minute piece which could not be more perspicacious of a weekend happenstance than it is – as the music revolves around the ears.

The listeners finds themselves minded of spirographs as the spokes lock one in to the other in wheels of different sized spinning meshes that all interlock in perfect unison as electro-drums and synths unfurl like emblems waving in a breeze, with almost extraneous vocal providing context, as the duo invite the audience to create animalistic shapes on the dark-light strobed dance-floor. To not partake would be miss a party moment.

Last time round I was unable to connect to social media pages – this has now been updated in time for the appearance of their second track from the LP Dressed In Birds which is due for release next year.

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Proof I Exist – Last Anthem – Single Review

The US protest-rock project Proof I Exist of Paul Kulis – released the single Last Anthem within the past twenty hours.

Proof I Exist

Proof I Exist

The fuzzed up riffs shimmer as they surface from the speakers as the softly hazed vocals accompanies the just over two and a half minutes of Last Anthem (available on bandcamp) which has the listener joining in with arms waving in the air. The only sadness is that the song last for such a brief period of time as the desire to join in with a chorus, that doesn’t exist, builds inside the audience

Last Anthem is a composition that has a global, cross-genre, appeal and a track to put on at some stage during any party.

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Hitherside – Say Goodbye To The Enemy – Single Review

The Belgium based rock quartet Hitherside revealed their latest track in the past few hours.

Hitherside - Say Goodbye to the Enemy


Say Goodbye to the Enemy identifies precisely why Hitherside have been a feature on the various sites since 2012. Powerful bass and percussion thud through the speakers with guitar creating clouds of melodies which spread around the room while the distinctive vocal harnesses the sounds and captures the listeners attention in its expressive timbre.

Always a pleasure to return to I look forward to Hitherside gathering a collection of songs for a fuller release as they predominately reveal music as stand alone singles yet they are a band that once you have hit play you immediately want to hear more from.

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