Samana Rising – Dizzy – Single Review

Samana Rising is an alt-rock quintet from Norway.

Samana Rising

Samana Rising

Their music is always soaked in retrospective roots whilst of varied source material.

Wherever they are pointing their toes Samana Rising are able to deliver their own twist to the blend with the two deft guitars being able to switch seamlessly from echoing rhythm and blues through country-americana and on to brit-blues – the fulcrum of the most recent song – Dizzy which was released on the 10th – with the equally capable vocals bending from soul ballad to gutsy rock’n’roll and on to husky left-bank café Parisienne – yet never becoming misty eyed, nor ever loosing the audience along the way.


Dizzy – Single – Samana Rising is available on iTunes.*

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Robbie Zereka – Favourite Feelings – Single Review

The England based funk-rock creator Robbie Zereka released the début single Favourite Feelings yesterday.

Robbie Zereka - Photo by William Pavli Photography

Robbie Zereka – Photo by William Pavli Photography

Despite this being the first single, Favourite Feelings, has the quietly spaced confidence of a seasoned campaigner.

It is an interesting crossover track which draws from many sources – trad-folk, ’70s soul, radio-friendly, and a soupçon of dirty blues to deliver a song that is able to pull in both those of us who enjoy their music with some gravel ripped scratches as well as those who like smooth glossy veneers.

It will be interesting to hear where the ultimate direction of travel lays by a musician who evidently has the tools in the kit-bag to build a long lasting structure.


Favourite Feelings – Single – Robbie Zereka is available on iTunes*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

The Bright Lights – Missing Out – Single Review

The English new wave quartet The Bright Lights revealed their latest song yesterday.

The Bright Lights

The Bright Lights

Each of their three tracks, there are only three, has the assuredness of a well established musical act who must have been around for a long time with a vast international audience, however that is far from the reality – a matter of months in existence, no website, no social media page and only a small imprint on soundcloud to evidence their existence – not even hint of live performance – yet they have already established themselves deep in to my psyche and I look forward to featuring them over the coming years.

The new song is named Missing Out – appropriately too – as, in my view, far too many are…

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The Reytons – Alcopops & Charity Shops – EP Review

The English garage quartet, The Reytons, released the EP Alcopops & Charity Shops on the 3rd.

The Reytons

The Reytons

The searing energy can be felt warming up the room through the speakers, which I do suggest are turned up as loudly as possible prior to hitting play.

A quartet of talented musicians, who have rapidly established a keen following that can only but be built on by the five songs on EP, which is available on bandcamp.

Each track takes the listener to a different decade and reflects of British rock at that moment in time.

On The back Burner, the opener, throws the listener to ’70s new wave – which is a track that is worth the price of Alcopops & Charity Shops on its own and would typically be my pick of the release, though such is the depth to the EP, it isn’t.

Next, Harrison Lesser, is a reminder of ’80s indie as the audience reminisces of Factory Records.

The middle song Ghost is drawn from ’90s Britpop with its sense of optimistic revivalism.

The penultimate – Please Don’t Call It Time – takes the listener back to ’50s merseybeat and jiving feet.

Closing out the EP – Low Life – my pick of the release – which is the bang up to date ’10s of the palpable pent-up frustration of garage-rock.


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Vast & Harker – Rising Tide – Single Review

Vast & Harker are an English collaborative triphop duo.

Vast & Harker

Vast & Harker

Occasionally working together, the newest single Rising Tide which was released on the 3rd and is available on bandcamp is an almost six and three quarters minutes of expansive electronica, stems, synth and instrumentation that holds the listener steadfast in its multi-textured ambience.

Combining the words of Break, Break, Break by Alfred, Lord Tennyson – it appears I have unwittingly become a literary reviewer in the past few hours with J.D. Salinger pulling out his pen in the previous article – with the eerie vocal and haunting melodies the listener finds themselves sailing, sans trepidation, out to an uncertain future on a deepening swell.

social media page – Harker.

social media page – Vast.

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