Boom Child – The Super Edible EP – EP Review

The Irish good-time-rock trio Boom Child made available the five track digital EP – The Super Edible EP a couple of hours ago.

Boom Child - The Super Edible EP - CD

Boom Child – The Super Edible EP – CD

On Friday of last week they launched the physical version which also included three bonus tracks – making it an LP – of the conundrums of life – as of now you can only catch those CDs if you are purchasing from the Merchandise Stall at their gigs.

Opening with I WANT TO SHIFT YOUR SISTER – an insightful reflective of relationship values in 2016 in a thrusting rock’n’roll confrontation.

Next is Holiday and my pick of the release as angular spears of pulsing maths-rock strut around the room in just under three minutes of music in which to pogo whilst DM boots are tied with bondage straps.

Following on is Wreckin’ My Head which is well worth the purchase price of the release as the cascading guitars cross each other like plumes rising from a waterfall as each element collapses inside the other before emerging triumphantly, subsequently folding like wet cardboard inside the stream of sound. A superb number and one to keep as reference point.

The penultimate track K – Pop surfaces as it says on the tin – fleet of foot – whilst an ever evolving undertow of sludgy retro-merseybeat gives this a gravitational anchor.

The concluding track on the digital release – CHANGE 4 U slips between choke hold and kiss of life in a highly creative take on the social malaise of relationship mendacity of 2016.

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Hedge Fund – What You’re Hiding – Single Review

The Australian indie-rock band Hedge Fund released the single What You’re Hiding on the 10th.

Hedge Fund - photo by Danielle Hansen

Hedge Fund – photo by Danielle Hansen

Every-time I return to Hedge Fund they have a different sound on offer, each delivered with style and panache and What You’re Hiding continues that trend.

An opportunity for those who haven’t yet seen Hedge Fund live is being proffered with seven gigs scheduled in various spots in Australia between the 24th of June and the 30th of July. Given their burgeoning number of fans it would come as no surprise to find this mini-tour, in support of the release of the single, comes up with a few more dates; Though what mix of sounds they will offer is of conjecture.

What You’re Hiding plays a more prominent synth than much of what has preceded and the track drifts gradually around the ears, slowly gathering compression as the just under three and three quarter trippy flow of stoned-stoner eases its way around the room.

What You’re Hiding – Single – Hedge Fund is available on iTunes.*

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Timshel – Floating – Single Review

The Finnish indie band Timshel released the single Floating yesterday.

Timshel - photo credit Jani Haapsaari

Timshel – photo credit Jani Haapsaari

In the intervening couple of years since their introduction back in 2014 what was a sextet has pared down to a trio with previous members floating in and out from time to time and adding other musicians as appropriate with Daniel Ventus returning to provide keys and a new player Erik Sjöholm adding slide guitar to the remaining core of Markus Bergfors, Patrick Sjöholm and Petter Erikslund on this release.

Floating is a just under four and half and half minute track that invites the listener to the dance-floor with a courteous bow of introduction. The song identifies precisely why Scandinavia remains the place you need to go to find the best clubs in the world with the innovative musicians who are able to fill the venues with audiences from around the globe – if only they are quick enough to get there before the pop-up venue is already history, but one gets the sense that Timshel will always be on the playlist – where ever the latest location opens.

Minding of the enthusiastic rhythms of Dexys Midnight Runners melded with the best of the yet to come –  Floating is one to add to the collection.

Floating – Single – Timshel is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

ANi GLASS – Y Ddawns – Single Review

The Welsh industrial-electronics creator ANi GLASS releases the single Y Ddawns on the 27th.



Lamenting of the destruction of Welsh manufacturing and mining industries dating back decades, built over centuries – Y Ddawns reflects of the dancing on the graves of employment and communities by global corporations and political ambitions in a track sung, appropriately, in native language.

The unstoppable walls of sound crash like a Tsunami breaching shore, destroying all before it, as the grinding forces of power come to full frontal assault. The soundtrack reminds of the machinations of the deconstructing politics of Kraftwerk in full throttle, whilst the singular vocal gives Y Ddawns an emotional reference point as the lyrics witness the transfixing imminent collapse of all around including its own breath.

Turn everything up to maximum and then find a way of boosting it louder as you watch your windows buckle as the bulging bass ploughs through the room, while mid-tones create the illusion of caresses of comfort from which the upper registers shatter the glass as the apparitional vocal provides a the finesse to a soundtrack that will have you wiping tears from your eyes at the unfolding wanton destruction.

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Captain Casanova – Futures – Single Review

The Danish alt-rock trio Captain Casanova don’t often find time to release recorded material.

Captain Casanova - Photo by Christel

Captain Casanova – Photo by Christel

Coming to the conclusion of yet another extended pan-European tour Captain Casanova did find time to get into the studio to create Futures.

Reminding of the warmth of merseybeat recordings Futures begins life as retro-’60s track, yet as the approaching four minute song progresses so that music becomes ever more compacted and consequentially delivering ever sharper elbows that jostle the audience.

The damped bass gives the low notes a softness that threads through the track, while the more jagged lead guitar gives Futures its bristling layers and drum is the impatience that harries along the song giving it the sense of compression whilst vocal flows from subtle melody to fractious growl.

For those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to get to see Captain Casanova live the follow up to the single If You Come Around Here which appeared three years ago, is a welcome addition to the collection.

Rumour has it that there may be more recorded material to surface in the next few months before they head out back on the road again in October.


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