Rolko – Another Dimension – Single Review

Rolko is the dream-synth project of Robert Hernandez from the USA.



Released a few days ago was his début single – Another Dimension.

The punctilious skins and steel of the drum-kit set the tidal flow of the just over four minute tracks. Sweeping strings and electronics swoop from high and low whilst screws of spiralling synth spill in and out of earshot, giving the track an easing flow that reminds of watching a brook burble over pebbles. The dour vocal which echoes through muted loud-hailer finds itself accompanied by bowed strings and horns, giving the piece – not a confusion – rather a melting-pot of pleasure.

Having spent time honing his thoughts on the delivery with lyrics written over the years, word arrives there is early contemplation of an LP and EP in the offing, which I look forward to hearing more by Rolko when these surface.

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Siren Call – Harness – Single Review

The Austrian based rock band Siren Call first featured back in 2014.

Siren Call - Harness - artwork

Siren Call – Harness – artwork

To surface in the past hour or so is the video for their latest single Harness which has a slighter tincture than much of the material previously featured of theirs.

The just under four minute track contains the ingredients with which we have become familiar but there is a battle weary sense to the sound, perhaps due to the politics of the country in which they are based where a nearly elected elected neo-nazi President has been able to successfully been able to demand another election. One senses the same sorts of ideas surfacing across Europe, including here in the UK where the exit the EU referendum result was deemed an unfair result and a re-run should happen – no wonder people get weary of socio-democracy.

Inside the sloughed troughs of sound Siren Call retain the petulance that is their signature as guitar mauls the walls and the the ever precise drum won’t forgo the trajectory as the vocal espouses of the sentience of the title of the track – Harness as they evoke a musical reconstruction of the thought process of the yoke pulling on the chains of the 99%.

I give full credit to Siren Call for pulling out a song that is able to reflect of their current malaise whilst simultaneously indicating of brighter alternative future. As you will know I do appreciate musicians who delve deep inside themselves to expose the raw fragility for others to see and thank them for allowing us inside the barricades.

Harness – Single – Siren Call is available on iTunes.*

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TheHalves – Are You Happy? – Single Review

TheHalves is a new grunge quartet from the USA.



So new out of the block TheHalves only have one song to share which is less than twenty hours in public domain and no social media page or website to which I can direct you.

Are You Happy? is more of a rhetorical question than one which needs response as the misery of a world of stolen aspiration is reflected in the precisely three minute track as the quartet draw the dirt out of the carpet far more efficiently than a vacuum cleaner is able with the low slung shoulder of music.

Yet, within the morose tones, lies a captivating beauty which holds the listener fascinated and the latter section of the track suddenly ramps up speed and the speakers respond by beating the loose fibres out of anything nearby, leaving the listener to watch the dust particles as they fly around the room.

I get the impression that TheHalves will be a band I will be returning to with some frequency and I wish them every success as they start the tortuous trail that is the music industry.

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The Rashita Joneses – Wide Eyes / Alien Ocean – Single Review

The US garage-rock trio The Rashitata Joneses released the double A side single Wide Eyes / Alien Ocean on the 1st.

The Rashita Joneses

The Rashita Joneses

Before you do anything – turn bass up high – treble to low and volume high, then kick the speakers. There is some pleasure in listening to new music particularly when you find that already by the 3rd of the month already two bands are on the long-list for Editors’ Choice For Band Of The Month.

The Rashita Joneses are able to find sufficient depth in the lo-fi production to deliver an eight minute and twelve second single that you wish lasted even longer. First to the turntable is Wide Eyes – a thunderous diaphony of colliding taughtly strung guitar and folding bass strings with a sprightly drum-kit that is likely to have broken weaker wrists with the force of the rebound whilst the mewling vocal echoes around the room.

The other track is the psychedelic Alien Ocean – my pick of the release which reverses the stringing of instrumentation to allow the guitar to sway around the room like that walk back from the pub after a long day therein whilst the drum skins are audibly collapsing inside the rims with the bass this time holding the perimeters as the vocal once again submerges to a hallucinogenic imagination of itself.

What is there not to enjoy?

Wide Eyes / Alien Ocean is available on bandcamp.

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Prayer Wheels – Spring – EP Review

The Canadian alt-rock outfit Prayer Wheels released the four track EP Spring on the 27th.

Prayer Wheels

Prayer Wheels

Their eclectic mix of music which stretches from abbreviated psychedelic meanderings to precise maths-rock is delivered by a rotating selection of the five players – making the band name Prayer Wheels seem like a perfect analogy.

Opening with Cavalier a grunting composition which minds me of trains jostling for position in a shunting yard as the fuzzy guitar is hammered into shape by a skin tight percussion whilst the vocal acts as the conductor of the toing and froing.

Next is Charlatan which is a track of more sedate opening as lightly fingered guitar is serenaded by tipping drum prior to dissolving into a garage fuzz, crystallising as a shoegaze echo, and do bear in mind this all happens within the space of one hundred and thirty seconds – my pick of the release.

The penultimate track on the ten minute Spring is Seesaw Sequence which sets as centre stage the chorus of voices that are the hallmark of their out-put in an angular rock number.

The closer – the lengthiest track on the EP – is the two and three quarter minute dystopian acid tripping Cormorant.

Spring is available on bandcamp.

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