Jonny Avery – Captains Of Industry – Single Review

The New Zealand indie-folk-pop musician Jonny Avery will be releasing the single Captains Of Industry on the 12th.

Jonny Avery - Captains Of Industry

Jonny Avery – Captains Of Industry

Regular readers may have thought I must have made an error in writing this review with the genre definition of ‘pop’ anything in the introducing sentence, however, it isn’t.

The acidic lyric which is surrounded by dripping honey of music only makes the disdainful commentary more glowing. Captains Of Industry casts a sneering wariness of a world in which the 1% own more than the 99%, yet rather than seething of vitriol the ironic lyric and cutely bouncing bonniness of the instrumentation gives this track an impressive integrity.

It comes as much of a surprise to you as it does to I that I conjoin ‘integrity’ and ‘popular music’ in one review, though the more perspicacious will note a five string bass is more than likely to gain my attention.

I have only recently been made aware of the conundrum that is Jonny Avery and I look forward to contorting my mind with his future material.


Captains of Industry – Single – Jonny Avery is available on iTunes.*

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Chris Marksbury – She’s Alright – Single Review

The US rock musician Chris Marksbury surfaced with a new track a few hours ago.

Chris Marksbury - She's Alright

Chris Marksbury

She’s Alright is a departure from the normal Americana rock of Chris Marksbury in a track that not only steps across the Atlantic Ocean, but also steps back in time to a Merseybeat retrospective. It is somewhat intriguing how often I have referenced ‘Merseybeat’ in the recent past, are we on a trend-line? Am I becoming hip?

Harmonica intersperses with guitar leaving the listener clapping hands in time as She’s Alright spinneys around the room like a yacht tacking course as the undulating sounds track towards the bouy. The joyful bounces of stern skimming the waves is a new departure for a musician who has recorded catalogue dating back many a year and it sounds as fresh as a daisy allowing Chris the opportunity to spread his sails once again.

Not only is this a track that gives the audience a lift, but as someone who speaks to creator from time to time I find a lightened mood, which, on a personal note makes me smile inwardly.

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El Deyma – My Last Day on Earth – Single Review

The England based melancholic rock trio El Deyma released the single My Last Day on Earth on the 28th of January.

El Deyma - My Last Day on Earth

El Deyma

Much like wandering into a Leonard Cohen track no-one quite knows if any one is going to emerge alive, merely know they will enjoy the darkness of it all and such is El Deyma and My Last Day on Earth.

The bellicose intransigence with life scours across the room in conflictive argument of opportunism and despondency as El Deyma akin to tying a deadmans knot to a hangmans noose reflects on the artefact of moments reflective as melancholic bowed strings extract the entrails of the consternation, whilst pulsating strummed guitar extols there is a space for existence. The languid synth spirals in neutrality as sometimes marching to the beat of a valediction other times in funereal lament percussion reflects of the conundrum.

It has been over a year since El Deyma last featured and their music, if only there was more of it, needs embracing far more regularly and assuming most of us didn’t end up on a self-inflicted mortuary slab I look forward to heralding more in the future.

My Last Day on Earth – Single – El Deyma is available on iTunes.*

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Loop Line – Wakes – EP Review

The US indie-dream duo Loop Line released the four track EP Wakes on the 24th of January.

Loop Line

Loop Line

Stepping back to the ’60s Nothing About You has an undercarriage of Merseybeat in the passage of the Queensway Tunnel as the doo-wop circulates inside an echo chamber of distortion.

Gun finds greater clarity of sound though more confabulation of construct as Loop Line stir in a perpendicular cuts of angularity to deliver a track that whilst perplexing has a continuum that is fathomable.

The penultimate number – Parts Unknown – my pick of the release conflates both the clarity and the retrograde of the two prior tracks and finds the listener donning black four in hand tie, waisted grey collarless undercoat and white shirt to get in with the moment.

The concluding track Dusty Keys is a neat rounder to Wakes as it finds Loop Line stepping into the 21st Century with a spacious soundtrack that sharpens the earlier pieces.

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Wakes – EP – Loop Line is available on iTunes.*

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Masters In France – Vaporise – Single Review

It has been five years since the Welsh synth-wave outfit – Masters In France last featured.

Masters In France

Masters In France

A new single is being released today – Vaporise. The delay in updating any news about Masters In France has been their extended break.

Slimmed down from the quintet to the trio of Ed Ellis Jones, Sion Ed and Matthew Ellis Sayer the music has become, if anything, more expansive with the electronics forming billowing clouds which surround a luscious beat and pulsing bass through which the voices glow.

Masters In France have always given themselves space to create their sounds – it took two years for their first EP – Inhale – to surface and although word last arose in 2013 of an LP in the offing, there was the caveat added – ‘not sure when this will be released’. Whilst I hope the new single marks a return to material surfacing from Masters In France, I equally don’t anticipate Vaporise to be followed up in short order, though do look forward to it.

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