Serinette – Bear It Alone – Single Review

The English indie-rock band Serinette released the single Bear It Alone on the 10th.

Serinette - Bear It Alone - artwork

Serinette – Bear It Alone – artwork

First featured back in 2014 – Serinette always reveal tracks with a slight difference from that which has preceded, yet never loose the essence of their sound, which lays in rock based riffs surrounded by dance temper with lyric that offers a more contemplative study of the world surrounding.

In Bear It AloneSerinette feature a deeper and more pronounced bass, giving the track a powerful punch whilst, the always superbly delivered, vocal has an even more catchy emotive hook to it than is usual as the percussion keeps the composition on course, allowing the guitar once again to spread reverb and delay around the room.

Bear It Alone [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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Levy & The Oaks – Slowly In The Water – Single Review

The US blues-rock trio Levy & The Oaks will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 21st of October.

Levy & The Oaks

Levy & The Oaks

With some pleasure for those of us who still enjoy bars with straw-dust strewn floors they are releasing, as a stand alone single –  Slowly In The Water tomorrow.

An aural journey in to the history and roots of rock ‘n’ roll Slowly In The Water combines both jump blues and western swing with lashings of slide in which the listener can with comfort turn up the speakers, as far as they will go, to revel in the bellowing delays in guitar while the percussion insists the feet keep twisting whilst the back-ground braked honky-tonk piano gives it all the sound of a faded Southern Bar from which a 2016 vocal spires – affording the track a timeless engagement.

One has to give full credit to Levy & The Oaks who have been able – akin to those who truly understand rock’n’roll – to take what is essentially a parochial sound and give it international resonance that can equally find a club in Ibiza with a packed dance floor as a saloon in a dusty out-post in Missouri gathering around Slowly In The Water.

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Tree & Ray – Beyond Body – Single Review

The Australian indie-synth quartet Tree & Ray released the single Beyond Body a few hours ago.

Tree & Ray - Beyond Body

Tree & Ray

Like bright sunlight warming up the morning Beyond Body bounces into the room with a sense of joy. The track has an echoing shoegazy psychedelic tinge which is wrapped around bubbles of frothy energy – giving the just under four minute composition a depth of texture to accompany the fizzy beat, enabling it to retain attention throughout its journey.

Ever of sunny disposition Tree & Ray create music that always makes the world seem a better place, ergo, always a pleasure to return to hear.

Beyond Body – Single – Tree & Ray is available on iTunes.*

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Hiels – Let It In – LP Review

The Ukranian alt-rock trio Hiels released the LP Let It In on the 31st of August.

Hiels - Let It In


Bringing a range of ideas to the album Hiels launch their trajectory higher in the sky for a wider audience to observe.

Opening with the delightfully punchy Cockroach which veers through a spiky new-wave number and maths-rock delivery – the highlight and why this is my pick of the release is the superb percussion which zeniths in a running of sticks over tautened skins starting at about one minute and six seconds that sounds exactly like the amplification of cockroaches scrabbling across the floor.

Next is a switch of pace with Hardbeat which finds a calypso guitar and percussion opening before compacting then expanding through the approaching six minutes of skipping beats, culminating in an early ’70s rock spaciousness that reminds of Mr. Blue Sky by ELO.

Love To Share allows Hiels to introduce a more tender vocal led number in which once again they evidence their ability to pull a rabbit out of every track as sticks on drum rim coexisting with blousy guitar provides an unanticipated interpretation.

The fourth track – My Head (Is Like An Airballoon) allows the thoughtful bass to take centre stage and giving the twist with the markedly disinterested vocal which by its monotone gives the line from which everything evolves. A deft creation it is impossible to not enjoy.

Following up with another switch in emphasis with the almost folksy merseybeat referencing –  You Said prior to the composition easing into an fuzzy rock- guitar interpretation of traditional Hopak that once again displays the depth of ability of the trio bring in to context – disparity.

Suddenly a piano appears from nowhere with just one chord that for its presence has the listener referencing Tchaikovsky in their mind for the remainder of Brothers despite it gliding into a ’70s influenced stadium rock number.

SFU Girl brings everything back to earth with harmonica becoming subsumed behind the streaming steel of the drum-kit in a track which invites the audience to take more sips of magic mushroom tea the further it progresses.

The three minutes and ten seconds of Rita revolves around the downtempo psychedelia of their introduction.

Surfers – hints, in its title, a good indication of what is to come – as Hiels continue in their natural space of ’60s psychedelia, which they deliver with considerable panache.

The scratched guitar of The Nature’s Song will be recognised by their introduction to the site.

In case you were wondering where we are on the track count – One Day is the penultimate on Let It In and once again the trio open up a different trajectory of sound with a resounding bass alongside accompanying drum prior to lifting off into a outer-space as, rather than gathering weight through the development of the track, it becomes more fleet-footed in the angular equations of maths-rock.

Sadly, we come to the end of the album with the appropriately named Good Night as the roughly fifty minute LP, that not only keeps the listener engaged but also concentrating, loosens its grip to allow the mind to relax and refresh.

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Martin Strecker – Hvis Du Kysser Min Hånd – Single Review

Martin Strecker is a Danish alt-EDM creator based in Turkey.

Martin Strecker

Martin Strecker

Hvis Du Kysser Min Hånd stretches across the room like the kiss to the hand it presupposes as gilded electronic loops coalesce with a synthetic vocal – yet far from throwing the listener into hiatus Martin Strecker is able to elegantly feint a brush with the dorsal of the hand.

The evolving composition – as though a rose dropping fragrant petals as the flickering backdrop of synthetics spinneret around each other. Hvis Du Kysser Min Hånd (available on bandcamp) has queasy lilt that finds the hypothalamus bobbing in opposing directions all at once, yet the cilia don’t find themselves equally out of equilibrium as the threading intonations bounce around the room in a flow which equalises as much as it disintegrates.


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