Dom Clark Trio – Old Soldiers – Single Review

The alt-rock band Dom Clark Trio from England released a new track on the 17th.

Dom Clark Trio

Dom Clark Trio

Just over a year in to existence the trio, quite rightly, are still setting out their stall and defining their sound with the music revealed thus far being of varied texture though always of jazzy-interface with trumpet fusing in to the songs.

This necessarily means there is an element of pick and mix about the material, some flavours not being to taste others being sumptuous repast – with Old Soldiers and its off-beat trotting around the ears being of some considerable delight and well worth adding to the playlist of ‘music to nullify a frown’.

I look forward to hearing more by Dom Clark Trio in due course.


Old Soldiers – Single – Dom Clark Trio is available on iTunes.*

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Mellor – Safe Word – Single Review

The English rock band Mellor has become something of a staple on the site, with their no-nonsense rock’n’roll since being introduced in 2016.

Mellor - Safe Word


The newest song to surface – Safe Word – which is due for release on the 18th of August – is once again an exemplar of the art of rock, merely requiring the listener to clear space in which to dance and then to turn up the volume prior to hitting play.

This is the third single to have been revealed this year and whilst the frequency of new material is extremely welcome – I am looking forward to all the songs (and more) being scooped up in to one package.

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Rosser – Tiny Hot Spot – Single Review

Rosser is a relatively new US electro-rock quintet.



The first track to surface Tiny Hot Spot is a vintage-rock feast that strides through the room in a cloak of bluesy riffs, off-beat percussion and lancing bass all adorned by a glitterball of synth with a vocal straddling the reference point, while extending a hand to the audience to join them on the floor to party away the night.

I look forward to hearing more from an outfit who have, in Tiny Hot Spot, demonstrated the ability to generate good time rock’n’roll that has the gumption to leave oily footprints in its wake that linger longer in the mind.

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Vaultry – Other Drugs – Single Review

The Canadian indie-dance quartet Vaultry released the single Other Drugs yesterday.

Vaultry - photo by It's A Thing Imagery

Vaultry – photo by It’s A Thing Imagery

An intriguing four and a twelfth minutes song (available on bandcamp) which straddles to anchors of very different construct.

A burring rock percussion and bass which gives the track impetus and gravitas is topped by a boy-band style vocal with guitar gently sewing the two together. Far from natural audiences of either party recoiling in horror I do posit – give it a few moments on your ear and whichever camp you start from – within the first half a minute or so the contrasts will not seem like an arch nemesis – rather a natural amalgam and by the end likely to be interested to discover more of the catalogue.


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LOLA – Against The Tide – Single Review

The English indie-rock quartet LOLA released the single Against The Tide on the 8th.



Having quickly made their presence felt since their formation just over a year ago – LOLA have balanced both recorded and live performance to enhance their audience both locally and further afield.

The latest track – Against The Tide – can only really build on their support as the combinations of their influences of indie-dance, brit-blues and rock all melt in to each other to deliver a song that sets its own marker and alienates neither those who enjoy the more pristine side of music and those of us who prefer our music to have a few rips and tears, rather – bringing all around the dance-floor.

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Against the Tide – Single – LOLA is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.