King Catcher – Do You Like It? – Single Review

King Catcher, the English nu-disco duo surfaced with their latest track on the 16th.

King Catcher - Do You Like It? - artwork

King Catcher – Do You Like It? – artwork

On each occasion I become aware of new material by King Catcher the feeling is similar to turning out the light to dress while randomly plucking items of clothing from the rails of a fancy-dress shop and on each occasion being delighted by the wacky wardrobe, which may be bright and spangly, tight and dayglo or smooth and muted.

This time around – the attire is of flared trousers, tailored suit-coat and neon baseball boots as Do You Like It? stretches through the room in wave of sartorial elegance prior to dissolving in to a number inviting the listener to step on to the under-lighting of the dance-floor and groove away the day.

Yourself, what about you, Do You Like It?.

Do You Like It? – Single – King Catcher is available on iTunes.*

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Outrageous Cherry – Complicate Me – Audio

The US trippy-rock quartet Outrageous Cherry release their final studio LP Meet You In The Shadows on the 5th of October.

Outrageous Cherry

Outrageous Cherry

Having formed in the early ’90s and more than a dozen albums behind them, it is not due to lack of enthusiasm, rather the death of an original band member and lead guitarist Larry Ray in October of last year, after completion of the recording of the LP.

Complicate Me – which resonates of the iconic guitar style of Larry Ray was first revealed on the 16th.


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Flaming June – The Women’s Battalion – Single Review

The English celtic-folk trio Flaming June release the single The Women’s Battalion on the 8th of October.

Flaming June

Flaming June

Today is taking on the appearance of a day in which I feature musicians who have lain dormant in recording music since 2015 this being the second in succession, though on this occasion unlike BC Camplight, Flaming June have not previously featured, which is a sadness and mystery all of itself as I do highly recommend immersing yourself in their beguiling ballads, which akin to The Women’s Battalion, are available on bandcamp.

The Women’s Battalion celebrates the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act in the UK which gave women over the age of thirty who were householders the right to vote and ninety years since the Equal Franchise Act 1928 which gave both sexes equal voting rights – but enough of the history, what about the music…

A lilting composition in which vocal and guitar shine spotlight on an evocative vocal while percussion affords a country dance tempo that invites the recumbent listener to become an active participant.


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Justin Franks – Heart Wants – Single Review

The Australian acoustic-folk creator Justin Franks released the single Heart Wants on the 10th.

Justin Franks

Justin Franks

Perhaps it is just coincidence, or  may be not, that I often find with musicians who have spent years with an itinerant lifestyle, their music has a calming touch, tonality along with a reach that extends around the world.

Franks, who spent decades out at sea, now docked to a harbour, has created in Heart Wants a song that immediately minds, longer stay readers on the site will also spot, of the music by the Swedish musician Steffan Rundquist.

I get the feeling the world would be a calmer place if more people pulled up their roots for a while and discovered that borders between countries are just lines on a map and they don’t need to divide people.


Heart Wants – Single – Franks is available on iTunes.*

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Haydn Rothrock – Going Without Goodbyes (feat. The Killer Kooks) – Single Review

The US fuzzy-rock project Haydn Rothrock revealed the newest track – Going Without Goodbyes (feat. The Killer Kooks) – on the 11th.

Haydn Rothrock - Going Without Goodbyes (feat. The Killer Kooks)

Haydn Rothrock

Of different texturing to the music of introduction the new single features guitar strings so loose they distort themselves in their own bounce, which immediately slows down the pace and dynamic range resultingly affording the composition a grungy pout that can’t but endear the song to the listener as it slouches through the room akin to a teenage sulk.

I look forward to hearing more by Haydn Rothrock in short order as the music delivers its miserable disposition towards the world which is simultaneously able to firmly have its tongue in cheek almost as a self-parody without it becoming a farce and generating songs that bear immediate replay to find other eddies of ideas missed first time around.

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