Band of the Month – September 2013 – Editors Choice

After years of having been asked to do it I have finally decided to come up with a new section – my personal choice of a band I have reviewed.

Tim Whale

Tim Whale

At just past midnight on the last day of each month I will post an Editors choice as Band of the Month, which is bands I have reviewed in the past month. To keep the writers ego in check at just before midnight on the same day I will also post the readers choice of band of the month – well that is the plan anyway.

The September Editors choice band of the month is the German band C-Types.

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Bands are constantly looking for new ways to promote their music. And while the internet has been seen as the ultimate hope for emerging bands, it still remains true that it is hard to get a tool to manage the band and reach the people that may like the band’s music.

It all started with Myspace, it was nice, but soon it became a spam dump (not to say the player was a nightmare). After that many options have appeared, from reverbnation to bandcamp, and even facebook pages with music tabs.

But still they all seem incomplete, you either only have music, or surfing to find new things is almost impossible.


That’s why we created A web platform for the bands to share their content and the music lovers to find new bands. With deeper profiles, with concerts, photos and selling options. And a search engine, based on acoustic signals, called Eddie, that will find similar songs to your all-time favourite songs.

And furthermore, we don’t like to stay behind a screen and we help to promote and set up concerts, bring music to new spaces like buses and other cool stuff.


We are glad to have bands such as Freedonia (SP), Black Pony (MX), June’s Kaleidoscope (UK), Clockwork (GE) Velocette (BR), Eira (US), Go-Neko (AR) and many others that are part of our growing network.

Join us at Bandness and start enjoying new music on the internet.

David Rovics – the banned PRISM tour

David Rovics, who readers of the site will recall is a singer who takes a sharp angle on political issues around the world. I had the opportunity to catch up with him half an hour ago on a Skype interview while he languishes in a hotel in Narita Airport.

David Rovics - a musician from the USA

David Rovics

He talks about possible reasons for New Zealand not allowing him entry and the latest news on the Australian leg of the twelve country tour. David will be performing via skype at The Free House in Nelson in New Zealand this evening.

While he has been hanging around in a hotel David Rovics created a new song – Spies Are Reading My Blog.


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Welcome to Emerging Indie Bands

With a new look and a new site design along with a few new publishing areas I am delighted to say Indie Bands Blog is back as Emerging Indie Bands.

Tim Whale welcomes you to the revamped Indie Bands Blog

Tim Whale


The new URL and look is because the old site is now four years old and suffering from arthritis. As I type a tech person is working hard to restore the posts from the past four years. So think of Emerging Indie Bands as being an extension from August 2009 – showcasing the best new bands from across the globe.

I can’t in all honesty say I have become any more even tempered, but as always I welcome introductions from The fans,The musicians and those related to the bands who you think fit the title of the best emerging bands from around the world (oh and that does include solo musicians).

I can’t promise every introduction will be reviewed, but what I can assure you is that they will all be read and where appropriate replied to.

All introductions would benefit from linking to a website or Social media page where I can grab the band members, the location of the band – that is town and country.

As Emerging Indie Bands exists to review music, well I do need to hear some music too and an image is also very useful.

But if you don’t have all that – (other than some way that I can listen to some music) don’t fret – use the contact form or drop me an email to tim @