Silver Shields – I Wonder If You’re Thinking Of Me Now – Audio

Silver Shields is a psychedelic-gaze outfit from England I must come back to in short order.

Silver Shields

Silver Shields

On the 15th of August they will be releasing their latest single – I Wonder If You’re Thinking Of Me Now.

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Bottle Cap Rockets – Boom Boom – Audio

From time to time I am able to come back to the US rock’n’roll outfit Bottle Cap Rockets and it always an excuse to get out the brothel creepers.

Al Gross & The Bottle Cap Rockets

Al Gross & The Bottle Cap Rockets

I received a bundle of five new live tracks in demo format, which leads to thoughts of a new release being put together – we shall see. For now the Boom Boom demo, which is a matter of hours old.

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Skreamer – The Awakening – Audio

The metal outfit Skreamer are putting final touches to a new LP.

Skreamer - The Awakening


As you will know, if you are a regular reader, bands very rarely appear on here more than once every three months, so you may be wondering why it is that Skreamer have managed to find a second slot within a month.

Much like the initial review where I talked about the two sides of band, showcasing two tracks – the harsh scrawling frustrations and the more considered gentle imbibing quaffs of warming Scotch, showcasing the underlying ability – so we find the two sides of the band this month, this being the more considered pace in a release which surfaced on the 24th – The Awakening (which is available on bandcamp). Just don’t expect to be ball-room dancing – it is all relative.

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