The Velvet Hands – Trains – Audio

To coincide with Record Store Day on the 16th the English garage-rock quartet The Velvet Hands release the two track single Trains.

The Velvet Hands - photo by Craig Taylor-Broad Photography

The Velvet Hands – photo by Craig Taylor-Broad Photography

Ahead of time the title track has been made available.

There is a restraining pull on the reigns which gives Trains a sense of trundling along the motorway at 70 mph in a car capable of three times that speed allowing the listener to enjoy the sounds of the rumbling exhaust pipes and they blip the accelerator pedal occasionally just to remind the passenger on the the ride that there is far more under the bonnet.

That isn’t to say that The Velvet Hands are cruising in this number as the smooth journey is achieved only by finely tuned machine, but one gets the sense that the quartet are able to rip aside the festooning curtains around the four-poster bed with more vigour and passion.

I look forward to hearing more of The Velvet Hands in due course.


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The Calm Fiasco – Lose Control – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet The Calm Fiasco are due to release EP The Fear on the 20th.

The Calm Fiasco

The Calm Fiasco

To surface in the past couple of hours Lose Control is a decent place to get to know The Calm Fiasco. Bren-gun percussion punctuates the walls in bullet holes as the band announce their arrival in a track that easily slinks between ’60s British-blues rock and the punctured lung of ’80s new-wave.

There is some music that just needs to be played loudly to enjoy to its fullest and Lose Control is one of those songs as the tightly strung drum-skins are eaten up by slackened guitar strings whilst a distorted vocal meanders around the head.

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Al Borde del Cinismo – Patrones Ascendentes – Audio

The Chilean psychedelic-jam quintet Al Borde del Cinismo released their début LP El Lenguaje del Inconciente on the 29th of March.

Al Borde del Cinismo

Al Borde del Cinismo

Sometimes it just helps to jump in to the morass and Al Borde del Cinismo are a group of musicians who have faith in each other as their music is created on an idea and no rehearsal merely improvisation and they merely ask the listener to do the same.

In a switch-back ride betwixt jazzy funk, psychedelic blues and merely leaving the room altogether the seventh of the dozen tracks Patrones Ascendentes discovers Al Borde del Cinismo in less sanguine moment of journey.

Contortions of spiralling thoughts are contained within this just under six and a half minute track as the band finds conflict of idea which they were still more than happy to share with their audience and for this I give them credit.

The preceding and following tracks of El Lenguaje del Inconciente find Al Borde del Cinismo in more reconciled moment with each other, however I enjoy this piece in particular as despite a lovers tiff occurring in the track one can still sense a fondness for each other.

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Astral Trip – Music’s Not Dead – Audio

The English sludge-rock duo Astral Trip released the three track single Say What!! on the 3rd.

Astral Trip - Music's Not Dead

Astral Trip

The middle track for evident reasons is the one I have chosen to feature – Music’s Not Dead as it expounds a sentiment portrayed by every band featured stretching back to the last decade despite what ‘pundits’ have to say about the world of creative musicians whilst ensconced in only listening to the tripe of mass media marketing – or as Astral Trip put it to tune Music’s Not Dead.

Whilst a fine tune in itself I share this as a toast to every musician who sends me through music and to those who take to time out of their day to discover what has wended my way for curation as evidence that music really isn’t dead and thank the duo for evidencing the realities of creative music that still instils joy to the ears.

Say What!! is available on bandcamp.

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EAT FAST – Stammer – Single Review

EAT FAST is a fuzz-rock quartet from England.



Reformed and invigorated from the embers of EAT, three tracks have surfaced in the past couple of months – the most recent Stammer was made available a few hours ago.

In a world of digital television when it either works or doesn’t the pixelation of an out of tune analogue television makes less and less sense as each year passes. EAT FAST are able to make 2016 coalesce with a 4.43 MHz sine wave PALs broadcast as the quartet take the metered sounds of digital compaction and thread them through an analogue decompresser leaving the listener in a state of abandoned joy as the fuzz spirals around the head as though the audience is listening after shaking head from a knock-blow long after the crowd has left for home.

The distorted nuggets of guitar, vocal and percussion collide with each other as though recorded in a single garage using worn out mattresses as baffles.

Whether the three tracks already released make it on to a new fuller release time will tell, for now I merely suggest turn up the volume and enjoy Stammer, when there is more I aim to let you know.

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