Etches – The Charm Offensive – Single review

Etches, from England, haven’t been around for too long and once there is more material to hear I will post a full review of the quintet.

Etches - The Charm Offensive - review

Etches – The Charm Offensive – artwork

A new single The Charm Offensive is being released on the 24th February.

Sliding of the speakers leaving the listener feeling like a herpetologist with a specialism in Serpentes The Charm Offensive slithers across the room filling it with writhing shapes. The track which extends to just under five and a half minutes is an extrusion of continual textures melting one into the other leaving the listener mesmerised by the sheer elegance and delicacy contained within the muscular frame.

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Universal Thee – Aranis Natas – Single review

Universal Thee, from Scotland, have just released their latest single – Aranis Natas.

Universal Thee - Aranis Natas

Universal Thee – Aranis Natas

First reviewed in February of last year, Universal Thee, who also charted at number 17 in the New Year Ninety 2014, have created a song in Aranis Natas which has a darker texture, which gives the band a more alt-rock derived flavour.

A smartly structured bass line opens up the five minute track, setting a mood, with the percussion laying down a pivot point. The guitars are allowed to float in a spectral space, whilst the dual vocals provides further layering to the track.

It will be interesting to see if Aranis Natas marks a transition for Universal Thee towards a darker mood, which is certainly somewhere that they prove to be adept songwriters as testified by this new release.

Aranis Natas – Single – Universal Thee is available on iTunes*.

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Rocha – Quebra Mundo – LP review

The Brazilian rage rock quartet Rocha released their six track LP Queba Mundo on the 24th December.

Rocha - Quebra Mundo

Rocha – Quebra Mundo

All over in less than twenty minutes Rocha provide sharp tracks of social commentary. Opening with the very brief Vaza which sets out the stall of Quebra Mundo with an encouraging call for cohesion amongst the disaffected and a ray of hope worth working towards.

Filosofia sets out to frame the dichotomies of the message taught and the realities of life in a searing white heat of vocal, instrument and percussion gaining coherence as the track develops over the just under three minutes.

Cinza is a tempestuous affair looking at personal relationships as the percussion is left to run riot across an even faster tempo.

The Title track offers a more conciliatory tone as Rocha open up the spaces between the notes affording the listener a slight breathing space.

Guerra De Nervos aurally does exactly what it says on the tin – The fastest track on the LP, running for two minutes fifty five seconds of interplay between the players. My pick of the release simply for the control at speed.

Concluding with Autoridade which finds Rocha in fine form as they introduce a different side to the band, a more playful and inventive streak with a track that extends for over five minutes.

Quebra Mundo is an LP to sheer away any sluggishness and is available through bandcamp.

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The Late Twos – Never Mind – Single Review

The Late Twos from Northern Ireland have just released their latest single Never Mind.

The Late Twos

The Late Twos

Taken from the forthcoming EP Get Down Before I Pull You Down. It has only been ten months since I first introduced The Late Twos and in that time they have added significantly to their sound.

There is a sense of more confidence that seeps out of the track. Whilst still immediately recognizable with some delightful interplay between the guitars. Never Mind has a clarity and energy that zips across the room immediately on hitting play and before you know it you find yourself joining in with the lyrics and whirling around the room with the beat as delightful percussion rolls deliver solidity and definition.

Impressively handled tempo changes give the track a quality that raises this above a packed genre. If this is anything to judge, the EP will be a stormer and set up The Late Twos for a very successful 2014.

Never Mind – Single – The Late Twos is available on iTunes*.

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Luna Is Honey – TWODRINKSONTHEROOF – EP review

It was back in May 2011 that I first introduced Luna Is Honey from the USA.

Luna is Honey

Luna is Honey

Although they have been busy over the past two and a half years for some reason I have missed much of what Luna Is Honey have been up to, so it was with some pleasure that I received a tweet to alert me to a new EP.

In addition to a digital version of the release which is available as a pay what you like through bandcamp, Luna Is Honey have also created an eleven minute lyric video for the diversity of sounds on the three track EP TWODRINKSONTHEROOF, which has a retro dance-floor groove running through the pulse of the title track.

WINTER FRESH is a more progressive rock derived sound which is closer to the music of the original review.

Concluding with ROBOT ARMS which is something more of a futuristic experimental funk number.

I hope it doesn’t take me another 30 months to once again catch up with Luna Is Honey.

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