Jake Martin (Guitar / Vocals), James Sheridan (Bass), Nathaniel Peirce (Drums) from Boston in the USA form the new wave band Out.

Out - Photo credit - Selena Barker Photos

Out – Photo credit – Selena Barker Photos

You can feel the energy hurtling into the room as a furious wall of sound funnels its way into your eardrums like a cascading flood of adrenaline. Out provides the audience with a torrent of guitar and percussion that despite its furious pounding is far from an opaque blur rather tapestries of finely woven translucence as the trio skilfully are able to add context to the elemental rock, to which the vocal delivers an amazingly precise articulation and intonation, given the number of words a minute being hurled through the speakers.

The trio are able to combine granularity with a sense of the philosophy of Heraclitus as the ever evolving swarms of sound continually reform themselves in the burning embers leaving the audience with the feeling that they have themselves gone through a transformation.

Whilst tracks run typically for between thirty seconds and one hundred and fifty, Out chose to open their recent eight track LP – Oms (available on bandcamp), which came out on the 3rd, with a one thousand two hundred and eighty one second title track soliloquy, which rather than sounding like a rambling monologue, is a fascinating fulmination that reminds me of Crass in loquacious mood.

A ‘must have in your collection’ and if you think not, you are probably not going to find much to enjoy in many of the bands reviewed on this site.

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Nevermade Millions – 7horn7eye – Video

The US agit-hop creator Nevermade Millions released his début EP – Southern Gothic EP on the 30th of October.

Nevermade Millions - Southern Gothic EP - artwork

Nevermade Millions – Southern Gothic EP – artwork

Of the five tracks on the EP 7horn7eye is the last.

From the brooding opening to the end of the just under two and a half minute track the listener is riveted by the three key elements. The pulsing mesmeric beat, the mind warping electronics and the minacious vocal that sears into the brain.

I look forward to hearing much more of Nevermade Millions with his wide-ranging insightful expressions of the underbelly of malcontent.

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Vimes – Kyra – Audio

The German synth-wave duo Vimes will release the LP Nights In Limbo on the 12th of February 2016.

Vimes - Kyra


The sound of Vimes has become warmer since their introduction back in 2012, alongside which a third member joins them as drummer when performing live.

Kyra, which is the antepenultimate of the thirteen tracks , slides gently into the room as the billowing clouds take over the spaces in a calmly delivered piece which features an ever expanding and collapsing refrain, giving it a feeling of undulating movement that the listener can feel enrapturing the mind.

Running to over seven minutes, Vimes breaks Kyra into chapters, which makes digestion easier and maintains the focus as  the music wends its way around the head.

Nights in Limbo – VIMES is available on iTunes.*

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Madame So – Black is Beautiful – Single Review

The England based French originating alt-rock creator Madame So is set to release the single Black is Beautiful on the 16th.

Madame So - Black Is Beautiful - artwork

Madame So – Black Is Beautiful – artwork

One senses Solange has been in the UK as long as anyone not a WASP can bear with the xenophobia of: The Daily Mail; Britain First; UKIP and a Home Secretary in Theresa May who makes the STASI appear to have been a friend of the people in the GDR as Black Is Beautiful spirals across the room.

Expounding of issues of being a female rock musician and also black to compound the unspoken bars to gaining traction Madame So delivers a smarting stripe in a song which despite the title, is intent on working towards creating a level playing field for everyone regardless of race, sex or orientation.

The pressure zone is expostulated in Black Is Beautiful, with the track becoming ever more compressed as it heads towards its climax leaving the audience to ponder the question posed – Why is colour, sex or orientation an issue?

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Graces – Amber – Audio

Graces, a vehicle for the English indie-synth creator Steve Harrison, is set to release the EP – EP1 on the 13th.



The second of the five tracks on EP1Amber is delightfully the most robust, in my view, as it eschews much of the user friendly waxing that runs through many of the others on the release. The two central themes slide against each other with the ease of graphite slates, giving the number an intriguing duality and the audience finds themselves checking that they aren’t accidentally playing two tracks at the same time.

The delivery gives the listener the opportunity to concentrate on the Indie influenced edges of Amber, then play it through again to concentrate on the synths, followed by a third play through to harness it all together and each iteration adds to the value of the day.

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