Jakaboski – Kisses – Video

Jakaboski is an English realist-rapper.



Always contemplative of his connectivity with those around him.

Initially made available as a début in this live recording in this video – Kisses – which Jakaboski explains the thoughts behind in the introductory commentary.

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Mourning Elektra Slangwitch – Kill Or Love And Care – Audio

The darkwave creator Mourning Elektra Slangwitch from The Netherlands is due to release her LP Messy Riot imminently.

Mourning Elektra Slangwitch

Mourning Elektra Slangwitch

From the forthcoming release Kill Or Love And Care brings a dark cloud into the room in which the listener becomes engrossed as the track, which reminds of watching fungi grow overnight dank cloak of a fallen rotting tree in a damp and overbearing forest, spores around the ears.

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Oh, Weatherly – Lost And Found – Audio

The US indie quintet Oh, Weatherly are due to release the EP Long Nights And Heavy Hearts imminently.

Oh, Weatherly - photo credit - @Deerskinphotography

Oh, Weatherly – photo credit – @Deerskinphotography

From the forthcoming release – Lost And Found, provides a decent sample of their style of music.

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Japanese Fighting Fish – For Queen Marilyn – Video

The English alt-rock band Japanese Fighting Fish release the LP Swimming With Piranhas on the 3rd of June.

Japanese Fighting Fish - For Queen Marilyn

Japanese Fighting Fish

Over the years Japanese Fighting Fish have become more confident in their sound which is reflected in the development of their compositions and – For Queen Marilyn – from the forthcoming album is further evidence of their evolution.

Whilst maintaining a recognisable foothold to earlier material in their career Japanese Fighting Fish add flourishes which shatter through the flow of the track like, well like, Swimming With Piranahs – an LP I look forward to hearing in full next month.

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SAP – Freight Train – Single Review

SAP is an English garage-grunge trio.



Regularly surfacing with new material that always tickles the fancy, but sadly until now has been out of synch for an feature for one reason or another, their latest track was made available on Wednesday.

Freight Train lays inside a shroud of echoing chambers and the louder you turn the volume the more you find yourself sensing transportation to the UK-Uncut camps that used to exist outside St. Paul’s Cathedral in London (England) and from there taking the few steps to the Whispering Gallery as the delays seem to come from another venue entirely.

SAP, unlike their namesake proprietary software hedge-fund traders designer-coders, don’t attempt to polish the nuggets of sound they produce allowing them to shine in their rawest state and it is this cohesion with the listener that gives the music its intensity that draws the audience on to the same stage to play along with them.

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