BrainDamage – Last Of The Kings, First Of The Slaves – Video

The Italian thrash-metal outfit BrainDamage release the LP The Downfall on the 18th of April.



The seventh of the ten tracks – Last Of The Kings, First Of The Slaves has an impressive control on the pedal as instead of pointlessly burning rubber while trying to accelerate BrainDamage immediately grip the tarmac and deliver a blistering high-tempo composition that wends its way into the skull like a neurosurgeon meticulously trephinating a burr-hole.

There is an unexpected strong melody that plays through Last Of The Kings, First Of The Slaves as the guitar, despite the speed, finds time to finger up and down the fret-board giving the track a strength and depth of character few thrash-metal bands can emulate.

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Emergency Protocol – J.Z. – Audio

The US Emo trio Emergency Protocol released the LP Tell Them Diz Sent You on the 22nd.

Emergency Protocol - J.Z.

Emergency Protocol

I have little doubt music translates to different cultures in different ways, much in the same way the pronunciation does. The second of the the six tracks on the album J.Z. in English is enunciated as Jay Zed, whilst in the language of central North America is pronounced Jay Zee – so we must necessarily approach the song from a completely different starting point.

Though I do think however you may pronounce the letter Z there can be no dispute that Emergency Protocol have laid more hedges to baffle the casual listener than their introduction almost a year ago.

The angles have become more abstract and the internal machinations more pronounced which, to me, marks a greater self-confidence as the trio who never have made their music immediately accessible are more comfortable in demanding that the audience plays on their field, affording the compositions a greater impact and distinguishable surface area.

I don’t expect the return of Emergency Protocol will be welcomed by all the readers who caught them last time round, I merely hope that you give it another try as these are skilled and idiosyncratic musicians who have much value to add the world of music and I thank them for doing what they do and look forward to them doing more.

Tell Them Diz Sent You – EP – Emergency Protocol is available on iTunes.*

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Mt. Wolf – St. Michael – Audio

The English ambient-rock trio Mt. Wolf release the EP Hex on the 25th.

Mt. Wolf

Mt. Wolf

To surface within the past few hours – the penultimate of the four tracks St. Michael drifts low-voltage electricity around the room that dims the lights as the acoustic led just under five and a third minute composition swirls around the room. A distinctive vocal pierces the sound-track reaching pitches that should not be attainable as the calmly postured music threads its unhurried pace in to the mind.

Mt. Wolf are able to deliver a sound which has a majestic calmness, whilst simultaneously skimming stones across the water to create the ripples which hold the attention.

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The Geeks – It’s Time To Go – Audio

The Filipino alt-indie band The Geeks are planning to  release the two track single The Double-Sided Sophomore Slump later this year.

The Geeks - It's Time To Go

The Geeks

Word also arrives that there are a number of new songs currently being recorded, so it is possible to speculate there may well be a fuller release during the course of the year.

The B side of The Double-Sided Sophomore SlumpIt’s Time To Go has surfaced as an interim step to more news. The just under three minute track has a more sludgy feel than material previously featured as The Geeks occlude the previously clear waters with an unexpected flatness of tone. Giving the song a feel of garage rock at its most unfinished as it wends its way in to the room in sticky lumps of clay that has the listener jumping in, like a hippopotamus enjoying a mud bath, and revelling in the squelch.

I look forward to hearing more of their new material to ascertain whether this is a new direction of travel, or a delightful one-off foray into quicksand.

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