Nomadic Massive – Move In Silence – Audio

Vox Sambou, Nantali Indongo, Lou Piensa, Waahli, Ali Sepu, Meryem, Butta Beats and Rawgged based in Montréal (Canada) who form the world-hop band Nomadic Massive released the EP MIWA on the 23rd.

Nomadic Massive

Nomadic Massive

Nomadic Massive merely ask of the audience to stretch the limbs, cast aside points of difference with others and sway to the beats.

Originating from Chile, Haiti, Canada, Brazil, France, Jamaica, Algiers and Brazil their disparate influences are reflected in their multilingual output which immediately lifts the listener on to the dance floor to join with the relaxed party mood of the hip-hop derived compositions.

The five tracks on MIWA (available on bandcamp) are each of very different source derivative – the penultimate song is Move In Silence.


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Dante Hadden – Most Nights – Audio

The alt-folk musician Dante Hadden, from Vancouver (Canada), will be releasing the EP Most Nights on the 21st of December.

Dante Hadden

Dante Hadden

A five track EP of variegated dappled tracks that mind the listener of walking through a silver-birch copse in late autumn with the rays of the sun filtered through the sparse foliage and the scent of damp leaves underfoot as the roughly eighteen evocative minutes of the release percolate through mind, sometimes led by guitar other times by a melancholic pianoforte, yet always focused on the distinctive vocal.

The first song to surface from the EP – the title track and opening song Most Nights was itself released as a stand alone single on the 23rd.


Most Nights – Single – Dante Hadden is available on iTunes.*

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For What It’s Worth – Straw Man – Audio

Mike Beyer (Guitar), Chris Beyer (Guitar / Vocals), Cody Hermann (Bass) and Mike DiLello (Drums) from West Islip (USA) who form the indie-light band For What It’s Worth released the EP Heavy // Hollow on the 23rd.

For What It's Worth

For What It’s Worth

The five track EP (available on bandcamp) feathers through the room as though borne on owl wings barely stirring the air, yet, despite its ease of flight are deftly created and intricate compositions which are, rather than on first light – simple constructions, complex layers of texturing in which the ears discover multidimensional interweaving of instrumentation and voice with the music having a mesmeric, somewhat ethereal, attraction.

Influences of indie-dance, maths-rock and roots rock are combined in to calmly delivered and consummate pieces of music – my pick of the release being the second – Straw Man.

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Virginia Marcs – I Need You – Single Review

Virginia Marcs is an alt-folk creator from New York (USA) who, on the 18th, released the single I Need You.

Virginia Marcs

Virginia Marcs

Whilst in comparison to much of the back catalogue I Need You is of more optimistic demeanour that is merely a factor of contextual relativity.

The luxurious palette consists of hues of deep crimson, rich purple and dark navy with the intricate melodies and immersive vocal sinking deep in to the bone marrow filling the body with an intoxicating warmth leaving the listener with no sense of an outside world.

The only downside is that I Need You is all over within a mere one hundred and seventy eight seconds leaving the audience immediately desirous of more.


I Need You – Single – Virginia Marcs is available on iTunes.*

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45. – Godspeed – Single Review

It was heading towards two years ago that the Bradford (England) trio of Craig (Vocals / Guitar), Chris (Guitar) and Matt (Bass) who form the core of the rock band 45. last featured. On the 17th they released the three track single – Godspeed.

45. - Godspeed - Single Review


The extended gap is not a reflection of lack of new material, rather my own inabilities to keep up to date, later than deserved, an update.

The three tracks on the single (available on bandcamp) are each of different texturing.

The opening track – It’s Got Soul is a dark buffered composition which has the listener investigating to ascertain if they have moving foundations as the pulsing bass / drum combinations rumble through the speakers.

My pick of the release – Glorywalk – is a more emotional and empathetic treatise of a tautly strung lead guitar and snare drum which gives the piece something of a marching anthemic to it, though as the song progresses, in to earshot swims Puducherry cultural influences.

The closer and the title song, Godspeed, is a bright and breezy country-blues influenced rock composition, which appropriately links back to their americana-rock introduction.

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