Flashes – Black Monday / Infinites – Single Review

The English glaze-rock band Flashes released the AA side single Black Monday / Infinites on the 10th.

Flashes - Black Monday / Infinites


The drum-skins sink far below the rim of the carcass affording the two songs (available on bandcamp) a deep resonance whilst pirouetting guitars shimmer inside their own echoes with the bass pulsing just below the surface as the gauzed vocal floats like an ethereal presence from locations undetectable.

Black Monday – my pick of the release a, wandering towards eight minutes, song minds of sinking into quicksand on a tropical shoreline with the gently drawing liquefaction pulling the listener towards their peril whilst trusting in the warming embrace to keep them safe as the buoyancy of the track bubbles up and down during its progression.

Infinites is of more dreamy countenance, though containing the signature sound of expanding and compressing frequencies as the predominance of the drum-kit taking lower stage with pumping bass guitar and bass drum threading the weave of the song, a tad over a minute shorter than its bedfellow, while guitars tie their own distinctive brocade through the beating heart affording the track a distinctive pattern of sound that draws to thought a cooler evening on a cloud shrouded hillock with the vocal laying in the misty shadows.

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Charlotte Roberts – Dr. Lalalulu – Audio

The Australian firedance-folk creator Charlotte Roberts is due to release the LP Stay in Your Power in May.

Charlotte Roberts

Charlotte Roberts

Released in advance of the album of the 15th, as a standalone single (available on bandcamp), the conundrums of the hypnotic Dr. Lalalulu.

A just over three and two thirds minutes song of conflicting ideas, which, rather than crashing like a mid-air collision merges a spellbinding primal rhythm, with its scintillating percussive puddling, that is laid to an acerbic commentary of the narcissism in to which much of human existence has regressed in the 21st Century.

Rather than being bitter of the silos in to which many have reversed, Dr. Lalalulu, offers an extending arm towards a world of inclusion and away from the siege barricaded mentality of self-adulation and hollow applause for the gaudy baubles possessed.

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Can Can Heads – Mies tulee mies menee – Audio

I find it hard to believe that is the best part of three years since the iconic Finnish experimental outfit Can Can Heads last featured.

Can Can Heads - Mies tulee mies menee

Can Can Heads

In their inimitable style unless you can find the cached file of Monorural Recordings, their eleven track album which came out earlier in the month – as I type – it has already gone – though it may well be that it will surface again soonish – and judging by where it was originally, albeit briefly, available – I think keeping an eye out on their bandcamp account may prove helpful.

Making a welcome return nonetheless – the fourth song – Mies tulee mies menee – I have however been able to trace.

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Harmonica Creams – Thirtyy Ears – Video

The Japanese celtic-folk band Harmonica Creams release the LP Stereotype on the 28th of March.

Harmonica Creams

Harmonica Creams

The first song to surface is the second of the ten on the album – Thirtyy Ears – an instrumental number which showcases their always intriguing blend of celtic-folk with influences from both Southern-blues and the more local traditions to deliver music which is a superlative fusion and east and west.


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Art Block – Eliza – Single Review

It has been almost two years since the English melancholic-folk creator Art Block last featured.

Art Block - Eliza

Art Block

The latest single, which came out on the 14th and is available on bandcamp, Eliza – takes Art Block in to even deeper sorrowful despondency than music previously featured with a bowed strings and piano led composition.

The quietly laid song slowly circles the mind as the haunting vocal plays almost inaudibly, like a faint shadow cast through sunlit mist, while piano forms dour chord changing melodies which layer the track with a sad countenance while cello creates the bleary, almost tangible, tears of wistful thought which permeate Eliza.

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