Dom Clark Trio – Old Soldiers – Single Review

The alt-rock band Dom Clark Trio from England released a new track on the 17th.

Dom Clark Trio

Dom Clark Trio

Just over a year in to existence the trio, quite rightly, are still setting out their stall and defining their sound with the music revealed thus far being of varied texture though always of jazzy-interface with trumpet fusing in to the songs.

This necessarily means there is an element of pick and mix about the material, some flavours not being to taste others being sumptuous repast – with Old Soldiers and its off-beat trotting around the ears being of some considerable delight and well worth adding to the playlist of ‘music to nullify a frown’.

I look forward to hearing more by Dom Clark Trio in due course.


Old Soldiers – Single – Dom Clark Trio is available on iTunes.*

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Dave Hanson – It’s In Our Hands – Audio

The English blues-rocker Dave Hanson is working towards a new LP.

Dave Hanson - photo credit - @s.l.rhodes

Dave Hanson – photo credit – @s.l.rhodes

A new song form the forthcoming album, It’s In Our Hands, surfaced yesterday.

Opening with what appears to be heading towards some militarist triumphalist parade, the track soon veers off in to an immersive soul-blues-soaked rock’n’roll track that finds the listener stomping alongside in delight.

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The Bowling Alley Sound – The Highway State – Single Review

The US art-rock quintet The Bowling Alley Sound released the single The Highway State on the 15th.

The Bowling Alley Sound - The Highway State

The Bowling Alley Sound

In similar vein to their previous single Alabama Dissonance, which featured last year, The Highway State is inspired from being on the road, albeit on this occasion the music has a more disturbed underpinning which ebbs and flows akin to traffic moving and stopping in a traffic queue.

During its nine and almost two thirds of a minutes The Highway State (available on bandcamp) is led by a variety of spotlight instruments, including blown, strummed, bowed and keyed which further adds to the choppy motion of the journey.

It will be interesting to discover how many miles in to the inspiration of the tarmacadam of road trips The Bowling Alley Sound will further travel, in what is proving to be a rich seam of creativity, in its allegories of human interrelationships.

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Dusk – The Names You Got – Audio

The US country-rock quintet Dusk released their eponymous LP on the 15th.



A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which takes the listener on a wide reaching journey of sound with the songs ranging from tear-jerkers to shoe-shuffling rock’n’roll. Their key point of difference of sound being the synthesised keys that enables Dusk to head far from the more trodden dusty trail and stake out their own ground.

The closing track is The Names You Got.

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River – Baby Love – Video

The US shimmerwave project River released The California EP on the 15th.



A hazy retrospective flow of music threads through the speakers, tempting the listener to tarry in the rays of sunshine just a while longer – an invitation that doesn’t need to be repeated.

The approximately twenty one minutes of the five track EP are layered in slowly unfurling analogue effects which gives the songs their alluring air, each of which is of fine standing and although I am unable to share with you my pick of the collection – the penultimate Me And California –  either one of the two I am permitted – serve as a fair introduction to the release – the melancholic drift of Baby Love being the second track on The California EP.


The California EP – River is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.