JEPH – Hey Baby – Video

JEPH is a relatively new indie-gaze quartet from England.



I have been able to listen to a handful of songs, the most recent of which Hey Baby surfaced on Friday.

JEPH create music of a summery-vibe with a vaguely trippy feel while underpinned by a dexterity of hand as the quartet are able to pull from three different voices and two six string guitars to create an amalgam of sound and while each song has a similarity of flavour they are all in their own way very different, making for an outfit I look forward to hearing more from in short order.

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Yasmin – Still – Audio

The Danish electrowave duo Yasmin will be releasing the EP SALAM on the 13th of July.



The second song to surface from the EP, which was itself released as a standalone single that is available on bandcamp on the 15th,  Still – showcases their immersive soundtracks.

Combinations of synthesised natural percussion and voices along with electronica creates music that fuses with the synapses of the listener resulting in them, the audience, becoming not a casual observer rather an intrinsic element of the compositions.

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LiiN – Cassiopeia – Audio

The English synthwave duo LiiN released the LP Users on the 15th.

LiiN - Cassiopeia


Their merge of analogue synths and instrumentation makes for music which has a fuzzy hum that glows like a valve, emitting a palpable warmth, while also the sharp elbows of glitchy hissing dig in to the ribs giving the songs their variance of texturing.

The bakers dozen, roughly fifty minutes, track LP (available on bandcamp) can be enjoyed, equally, as a one stop night in with a few friends or each track individually popped like bubble wrap.

By way of a reminder of their sound, the appropriately named six and a quarter minutes closer – Cassiopeia.

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darktrain – dreaming of you only – Audio

The English darkwave band darktrain revealed their latest track within the past twenty four hours.

darktrain - dreaming of you only


An outfit who don’t feature often simply because they rarely reveal new material, though whenever they have until today they have been a duo. Towards the end of last month Rachel Garrett joined them as the drummer and dreaming of only you , currently a demo, is their first reveal as a trio.

With some fortune the addition of a third player to the line-up may afford compositions to surface more frequently.

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Liv Slingerland – Come Back To Me – Video

Liv Slingerland is a US alt-rock project.

Liv Slingerland - @cheese7224

Liv Slingerland – @cheese7224

With only three tracks available for those of us who haven’t been able to catch live performances of an outfit that is beginning to gain wider traction.

The three songs are each of different texturing, one being a rock driven ballad another an indie inspired composition the third, which was recently caught in live studio performance, the brit-bluesy Come Back To Me.


Come Back to Me – Single – Liv Slingerland is available on iTunes.*

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