The Soft Underground – Rachel – Audio

The US trippy-rock duo The Soft Underground release the LP Morning World on the 27th of July.

The Soft Underground

The Soft Underground

A follow-up to the 2015 album Lost In Translation (available on bandcamp) Morning World, on the basis of the first of the eleven tracks on the album – Rachel – is set to be an equally Psilocybin moment in time and probably best heard with a pot of tea to hand whilst gazing at the purple dragons floating on the ceiling.

That rumble on hitting play – for those of become of more nervous disposition whilst staring glassy eyed – isn’t as I thought moles digging up the foundations and felt the need to investigate rather the delightful demeanour of Rachel bubbling out of the speakers.


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Space Carbonara – Sticky Baby – Audio

The Australian trippy-garage quintet Space Carbonara are planning to release the LP Dolphin Man Returns in September.

Space Carbonara - photo credit Alex Dowd

Space Carbonara – photo credit Alex Dowd

The follow-up release to the 2016 LP The Space Tape (available on bandcamp) has, on the basis of the first track to surface from the album – Sticky Baby – a more relaxed and natural feeling. Perhaps borne from the initial reveal having an urgency of ideas to make a stamp, or that they have got to know each other better, as although still very much centred around David Cunningham, what was a live performance line-up has become an organic being with everyone chipping through ideas and shaping songs, it may even be something else, however, whatever it may be – it is, to me, a change for the better.

Two days of live track studio recordings certainly help to give the music an honesty which is palpable through the speakers and going by Sticky Baby, Dolphin Man Returns, will be an LP to add to the collection of ‘time to unwind and relax the mind’ playlist.

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Pioneer Salesmen – See It My Way – Audio

The US retro-rockers Pioneer Salesmen released the three track single The Life We Lead on the 16th.

Pioneer Salesmen - See It My Way

Pioneer Salesmen

The title track and opener is a rendition of a fuzzy ’60s merseybeat good time foot stomper.

Next is the Ennio Morricone minding winding road of Nine Tenths.

My pick of the release being the film noir, moody, Lynchian closer See It My Way.

The Life We Lead – Single – Pioneer Salesmen is available on iTunes.*

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The Opera Comic – What Have We Done? – Audio

The indie-synth quintet The Opera Comic, from England, are planning to release the four track EP A Distant Now in September.

The Opera Comic

The Opera Comic

The first song to be revealed from the EP, which is also the first track on A Distant Now, What Have We Done?, was made available as a standalone single on the 20th.

The almost four and a half-minutes composition encompasses synthwave from the ’70s to the ’10s giving the song simultaneously a retrospective air and a current ebb and flow in which the listener finds themselves bathed by warming tones of hazy keys, punching percussion, driving guitar, a bass that gives the music ballast rounded by an expansive and sympathetic vocal.

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What Have We Done? – Single – The Opera Comic is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Empire Of The Ants – The Watchmen – Video

Empire Of The Ants is an England / Malta split alt-rock duo.

Empire Of The Ants

Empire Of The Ants

Their latest track to surface The Watchmen – is a brooding measure of sound that rumbles through the room akin to a menacing dystopian presence of ill-will.

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of the site that there is not a shred of a possibility that I would not highly recommend this being immediately to the ‘essential songs’ playlist, given the listener gets the sense that they are invited to strum the bass guitar as it is possible to see the strings poking out of the speakers they are that slack, oh and the rest of the track isn’t too bad either.

Empire Of The Ants are a duo I look forward to hearing much more of in short order and trust that they will turn out to be long stayers.

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