Shoals – FSC – Audio

The electro-hush duo of Utkarsh Varma and Sidharth Gupta from New Delhi (India) release their début LP Sour Ink on the 11th.

Shoals - photo credit - Ish Raheja
Shoals – photo credit – Ish Raheja

A ten track album of dreamy spires of electronica and brushed vocal which glides through the room as though slates in the Dinorwic quarry as the music filters through the speakers.

The duo are able to create music of intensity as well as flighted composition in to which the listener becomes subsumed by the entrancing, enveloping loops of the gentle washes of the soundscape.

FSC is the third track.

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Akerele – Déjà Vu – Audio

The US triphop project Akerele released the single Déjà Vu on the 22nd.



Akerele creates material which slips through the room akin to a hunting wild cat dappled to camouflage in the shadows of foliage with the ambient flows of the frequencies holding the listener in its fixed stare.

 Déjà Vu (available on bandcamp) is the most accomplished of the back catalogue of material with its more self-challenging signatures and it will be interesting to discover where Akerele heads next.

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Lillyè – In The End – Video

The Australian heavy-metal outfit Lillyè release the LP Evolve on the 18th of May.

Lillyè - photo by Julian Crupi

Lillyè – photo by Julian Crupi

It was back in 2015 that Lillyè last featured and the music has evolved considerably.

While still pulling roots from the raw power of heavy metal, In The End – the second of the eleven songs on the album, is a testament to a strong melodic structure and showcases a balanced mix of intensive riffs and spacious chord structures and when compared side by side reminds of a fine wine having been given room to breathe with the time in between having enabled Lillyè to develop a more complex approach to songwriting and delivery.

Evolve – Lillyè is available on iTunes.*

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Eggs On Mars – Don’t Send Me – Audio

The US lofi-garage trio Eggs On Mars released the LP In A Desert Place on the 15th.

Eggs On Mars

Eggs On Mars

There is a retro-feel to the music which they deliver in an unadorned naive form, giving the compositions an earthy honesty, that captivates the listeners attention. Eggs On Mars are able to deliver tracks which leave the listener feeling well disposed to the world as the untouched songs slip in to earshot, warts and all.

My pick of the nine track, plus one remix, album (available on bandcamp) being the fourth – Don’t Send Me.

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Harry Gump – Longing For More – Video

The German agit-folk project Harry Gump is due to imminently release the Waterfront EP.

Harry Gump - photo credit - Lautundwild

Harry Gump – photo credit – Lautundwild

The first track to surface from the EP, may well be known to those who have seen Harry Gump live, for those of us who haven’t, Longing For More is its first outing from an EP, having regularly featured the music since being introduced in 2014,  I recommend adding to the collection when made available.

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