Jointpop – Amplify – Audio

The rock’n’roll quintet Jointpop from Trinidad and Tobago will be releasing the LP FROM TRINIDAD​.​.​.​WITH LOVE on the 1st of May.



The first track to surface from the album (which is available on bandcamp), the second of the eleven – Amplify – is of quite different root-stock than music of theirs featured over the years with the synth playing a far more prominent role and creating a song that minds of early ’80s synthpop.

It will be interesting to discover if Amplify is an outlier or the fulcrum for FROM TRINIDAD​.​.​.​WITH LOVE.

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Jointpop – Quicksand – Video

Jointpop, the rock ‘n’ roll band from Trinidad and Tobago, feature fairly regularly.

Jointpop - Quicksand


Although recorded quite a while ago, it was only very recently that a live performance of Quicksand came to light and always a pleasure it is too to return to their music.

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Jointpop – Who Shot Paradise ??? – Audio

The alt-rock band Jointpop from Trinidad and Tobago first featured back in 2009.

Jointpop - Who Shot Paradise ???


The most recent track to surface being an acoustic rendition of the, typically, acerbic Who Shot Paradise ??? performed by Gary Hector in live solo performance, this month, in Scotland.

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