Leo Fazio – Ácido – Video

Leo Fazio is a Brazilian protest-folk creator.

Leo Fazio

Leo Fazio

More normally known as the vocalist for the psychedelic outfit Molodoys the solo project enables Leo to explore different areas of interest and create a more pugnacious atmosphere.

Most recently to surface is a live version of Ácido, which having been shot in black and white at a superb angle by Bia Stein at a small venue adds immensely to the oppressive menacing presence.

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La ciudad bajo la niebla – Detener el tiempo – Audio

The Argentinian alt-rock band La ciudad bajo la niebla first featured in 2012.

La ciudad bajo la niebla - Detener el tiempo

La ciudad bajo la niebla

Their latest EP – En el Tiempo de los Ciegos B – finds them in a more trippy-folksy mood than material of their featured previously.

The second of the four songs Detener el tiempo providing a good reference point for the rest of the release.

En el Tiempo de los Ciegos B – EP – La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla is available on iTunes.*

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That Gum U Like – Killer – Audio

The Brazilian darkwave duo That Gum U Like release their début EP The Black Lodge on the 15th of December.

That Gum U Like - photo credit - Amanda Goes

That Gum U Like – photo credit – Amanda Goes

The Black Lodge is a four track EP of ethereal shapes as the electronica folds in to itself like melting wax with a spectral vocal wrapping in to the ears – the vaguely sinister nature of the songs is delivered through both a jagged edge of drum-pad and the menacing bass which give the tracks their darkness.

The first song to be revealed from the EP is the second track – Killer.

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Loyal Lobos – Dirt – Single Review

Loyal Lobos is the US based project of the Colombian melancholic-rock creator Andrea Silva.

Loyal Lobos

Loyal Lobos

Prior to going anywhere near the output of Loyal Lobos do ensure you have a handkerchief to hand to wipe away the tears which will spill from the eyes.

The most recent track to surface – Dirt – commences with spaced notes of guitar which is soon cloaked by a slow-stepping and loosely sprung snare drum that instantly provides a sad countenance to the track, prior to the accompaniment of the fragile, breaking, vocal before gradually building in to a wash of intensity that ebbs and flows through a composition which contemplates of the nature of destructive relationships that, by their very nature, predominately consist of short rising highs that are immediately followed by lengthy deep troughs of despair prior to finally and inevitably collapsing in to self-extirpation.

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Non m’importa della luna – Dream Inn – Audio

The Chilean dreamwave sextet Non m’importa della luna released their début LP El Fin del Mundo y Antes del Amanecer on the 15th.

Non m'importa della luna

Non m’importa della luna

With a wide spread of instrumentation, including electronica, percussion, guitars and violin along with changing vocalists enable Non m’importa della luna to deliver multilayered compositions in to which the listener becomes immersed as the quiet intonation slips from the speakers.

From the eight track plus four remixes album (available on bandcamp) Dream Inn is the fourth.


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