Sound Bullet

Sound Bullet an alt-rock band from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil comprises Guilherme  (Vocal / Guitar), Ton (Guitar / Vocals), Fred (Bass / Vocal) and Pedro (Drums).

Sound Bullet - Alt-rock from Brazil

Sound Bullet

If you suffer from tinnitus you will appreciate why Sound Bullet makes so much sense. The high pitched notes are like stabbing a toothpick into the eardrums to scratch away the constant irritation, only this time it is with music, no less painful to the timpani, but far more excoriating and satisfying. Is that the way to judge music I wonder…

Never mind my broken ears –  Sound Bullet expose nerve jangling mewls that test the upper registers of the speakers as they deliver music which harks of isolation and for the very fact of the chords selected gives it a powerful ice hewn statuesque prominence. The audience is reminded of the world supposedly connected, yet distanced by copper wires and fibre, reaching out, but never quite meeting hands in a landscape of stacked silos.

The sparkling shards of ice are tinctured with rainbows of colouration as Sound Bullet combine as a unit do deliver sounds which refract endlessly. I look forward to hearing more.


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Remove Silence

Remove Silence from São Paulo in Brazil is the progressive rock quartet of Hugo Mariutti (Guitar / Vocals), Ale Souza (Bass / Vocals), Edu Cominato (Drums / Vocals) and Fabio Ribeiro (Keyboards).

Remove Silence - progressive rock from Brazil

Remove Silence – Photograph by Duca Mendes.

Stepping somewhere into the territory of ELO, Remove Silence is able to offer majesty along with scuffed robes. As regular readers know, I have scant regard for the egocentric irrelevance of the dinosaur skeletal fossils of ’70s rock who forgot their beginnings in the tapestry of their golden fleeces. Fortunately these guys skip back to the beginnings and whilst bloated, the bloat is not unpalatable, rather the added value.

The music wafts around the room like a gentle breeze and as it circles it gains intensity, becoming a raging tornado of orchestral dimensions as Remove Silence combine heavy metal and stadium keyboards into a an impressive delivery of compositions which echo of the past, whilst firmly rooted in the here and now.

This will never sit on my natural musical trajectory, however there is plenty of bite and inventiveness to hold attention. Of particular enjoyment is when they let go from the sta-pressed suits and let the edges run and in those moments the quartet offer songs which proffer as much to the audience as they expect of them and the listener feels a sense of equilibrium.

I hope they don’t finally tilt into the abyss of the deluded as where they now sit is not just a cloying introspection, having an out stretched hand to the rapidly expanding fan-base. I fear however an A&R from a major label will spot their pension and in a year or so – it will be sad if you missed to opportunity to catch them now, rather than then…


Stupid Human Atrocity – Remove Silence is available on iTunes*.

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Rafael Silva (Vocals), Igor Tavares (Drums), Luis Maia (Guitar) and Filipe Soares (Bass) combine to form Rocha a rage rock band from Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.

Rocha - rage rock from Brazil


The sincerity of a band steeped in the merciless violence of the favelas of Rio is immediately evidenced as the protective seal of aggression and conflict thunders out of the speakers. There is no gentle pandering to assimilate, as Rocha lay out the realities of their existence in stark and confrontational flashes of bared teeth and it is a delight to be able to introduce them to a wider world.

I often speak to people about the surprise that I have that so few bands actually engage and remonstrate to report on the reality of life and it is with some great pleasure that I have found a band who strip away the asinine conformity to challenge the normalcy with a diatribe of sound that drips blood, sweat and tears around the room and regardless of whether you speak Portuguese or not, the evident dissociation can’t help but register.

This is not music for those of gentle disposition as the very reflection of the violence and aggression meted out in the reality of living in Brazil is hurled back at the audience. It is perhaps somewhat apposite that I have had their music drawn in my direction as the riots in Brazil calm and the world looks forward to the upcoming Football tournament as though all is well in the country and it is the fault of the builders that it is descending into chaos.

Welcome to the reality of Brazil and thank you Rocha for stripping away the paint-shopped images of The Rio Carnival to head up to the shanty towns and remind us all of the realities of life.


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Placard an indie rock band from Buenos Aires in Argentina is Laura CarbajalJoaquín SerpeMiguel Barrenechea and Martín Rabaglia.

Placard - Indie Rock from Argentina


There is an undertow of influences from Velvet Underground as is common with many of the rock bands I have reviewed from Argentina over the years. The dark shifting moods of the music sit well in the ears as they explore a broad sweep of sounds that centre around a brooding core of rumbling bass / percussion.

Whilst delving into the darker recesses of the mind the material doesn’t leave the audience feeling on a downer, as Placard pack a powerful punch that makes its mark as the music is, in the main, swept along in a mass of activity in a fairly rapid tempo. Whilst undoubtedly possessing a ‘home-grown’ quality to the sound this, if anything, adds even more credibility to the material.

The quartet have been able to capture a core sense of genuine engagement that they are able to deliver in a fine thread of music. With three releases behind them they have gained the experience to deliver their slightly frayed sounds in a fashion that keeps the fans coming back for more and I will certainly be joining those wanting to get hold of the next release.


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