Spread! – Sun – Audio

The Brazilian Stoner trio Spread! were introduced in April of last year.

Spread! - Sun


The latest track Sun – finds Spread! in more psychedelic, slower and paradoxically, gloomy mood.

Running for almost seven and a half minutes Sun begins with slowly paced shimmers of guitars, which are joined by one strike bass and drum to set the agenda for the track. As Sun gradually builds in intensity so the material becomes more immersed with psychedelic-melancholia, finding the listener becoming wrapped up in the various channels opened up for exploration.

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Sound Bullet – When It Goes Wrong – Audio

The Brazilian alt-indie quartet Sound Bullet released their latest single on the 8th.

Sound Bullet - When It Goes Wrong

Sound Bullet

Replete with their signature high notes, When It Goes Wrong, finds a more generous palette of texture than previous music featured, as Sound Bullet allow the guitar more room to express itself, whilst the percussion keeps up the expected momentum and with the changes in pace the vocal seems to fit more comfortably, as Guilherme is given the opportunity to deliver the lyrics at a pitch that better suits his voice.

When It Goes Wrong – Single – Sound Bullet is available on iTunes.*

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Maff is the dark-shoegaze quartet of Richi (Vocal / Bass / Guitar), Nek (Drums), Martin (Guitar) and Talo (Guitar / Bass / Vocal / Synth) from Santiago in Chile.

Maff - dark-shoegaze from Chile


The luxuriant textures of sound waft around the room like a drifting perfume, to which Maff add a brooding presence which is formed by the shapes produced by the synth and a heavy bass line. The slightly gauzed music is given shifts of context through instrumental and vocal switching allowing the quartet to take inject the material with varying layers of atmosphere.

The voluminous tracks are given plenty of space to develop as the tempo remains subdued, enabling Maff to deliver music in which the echo and reverb are able to catch-up in the delays. Giving the audience the sense of rolling waves of sound in which to allow the mind to flow with the moments.

The overall effect is one of a psychedelic trip and although the mood is dark, it doesn’t lead to nightmares as there is an intrinsic beauty in the music, that will leave you wanting the pieces to extend further in time and take the brain with them.

Maff released their début eponymous LP earlier this year and given this offering, the quartet look set to continue to release material that needs to be added to the collection, which is best taken in large doses to allow the compositions to do their thing.


Maff – Maff is available on iTunes.*

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KILL WEST from Buenos Aires in Argentina is the drone quintet of Nicolas Miele (Drums), Mariano Miele (Keys), Martin Valentini (Guitar), Franco Beceiro (Guitar / Vocals) and Joel Menazzi (Bass).

KILL WEST - drone from Argentina


The reverb shakes the walls as KILL WEST bring together surf rock, giving a sense of rapidity, with doom strings and layers of echo which gives the out-put a feeling of submerged fuzz. The keys allow the quintet to give the music yet another depth of transmission in which the listener can allow psychedelic imagery to flow around the brain.

KILL WEST produce music which rattles the bones, whilst massaging the head and is their ability to do both at the same time, without losing and sense of cohesion that gives the tracks their intrigue. Although none of the pieces run to much over four and a half minutes, given the sheer weight of textures which slow down the synapses, there is a sense of time slowing.

This is material best taken in large quaffs as a continual line of sound allows the audience to immerse themselves into a vortex of drifting thoughts.

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Kill West – EP – Kill West is available on iTunes.*

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Hell Oh!

Hell Oh! is the alt-rock quartet of Marco TulioMaycon RochaRaphael Heiderich and Vinicius Amorim from Lumiar in Brazil.

Hell Oh! - We've Got Nothing To Say But A Song - artwork

Hell Oh! – We’ve Got Nothing To Say But A Song – artwork

Initially looked at back in September, by way of one track and a promise to get back to them –  Hell Oh! now have more tunes I can hear that are freshly minted. Grinding their way out of the speakers like pepper going through the mill, there is an earthy fresh zest that captivates the audience as the growling guitar mutters malcontent whilst bass and percussion rumble across the room and a scoured vocal sheers its way around the ceiling.

Hell Oh! is able to transition between slowly paced pieces and hurried rattling windows with confidence as the quartet deliver music that emits connectivity with the listener whilst the garage rock influenced psychedelia wraps the mind in energy that draws in the ears.

From foot stomp, to laying supine Hell Oh! maintains a scruffiness into which it isn’t possible but to find appealing. The quartet is able to provide music which relies on careful composition as the textures build, yet provide the ears with easy to understand sounds that inject themselves into the bloodstream.

We’ve Got Nothing To Say But A Song is available on bandcamp.

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