Finlandia/Singapur – Aprender A Nadar – Video

Finlandia/Singapur is an emo-maths-rock trio from Ecuador.

Finlandia Singapur


With many tracks extending well over five minutes Finlandia/Singapur deliver music which has both a feeling of the extemporary to it as well as an underlying sense of anxiety which is expressed through both the collisions of instrumentation as well as the screaming vocal and this just under ten minute and a half minutes live version of Aprender A Nadar is a good starting point from which to explore their output.

Finlandia/Singapur are establishing both a local audience as well as more internationally having just returned from a tour in Peru. I look forward to hearing more of the trio.

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Sexores – Below The Rainbow – Video

Sexores is a doom-wave band from Ecuador.

Sexores - Historias de Frío - artwork

Sexores – Historias de Frío – artwork

Sexores do not rush through their tunes with songs typically extending to four and a half minutes, of slightly longer duration, from the LP Historias de Frío the second of the eight tracks – Below The Rainbow was recently captured in live performance.

The melting guitars subsume gauzy vocal with punctuation derived through the meandering percussion giving Below The Rainbow an outer-world feeling as Sexores deliver their signature ambient-brooding presence that winds its way into the bone marrow.

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Historias de Frío – Sexores is available on iTunes.*

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