King In The Belly – Intimate Strangers – Single Review

The Brazil based trippy-rock quartet King In The Belly released the single Intimate Strangers on the 4th.

King In The Belly

King In The Belly

The combination of three Brazilians and one Australian enable the quartet to deliver music which has a difference of sound and wide ranging ideas, with Intimate Strangers drawing deeply from the well of  ’70s psychedelia.

Though only getting in to gear last year four previous singles and plans for an LP this – evidence of a group of musicians keen to get fully up to speed and a quartet I look forward to hearing more fromm in short order.

Whilst developing their own opportunities around Santa Rita do Sapucaí, where they are based, they are also working with other regional and national bands to bring live music to the area through ‘back yard sessions’ which are in essence mini DIY festivals.


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Leo Fazio – Ácido – Video

Leo Fazio is a Brazilian protest-folk creator.

Leo Fazio

Leo Fazio

More normally known as the vocalist for the psychedelic outfit Molodoys the solo project enables Leo to explore different areas of interest and create a more pugnacious atmosphere.

Most recently to surface is a live version of Ácido, which having been shot in black and white at a superb angle by Bia Stein at a small venue adds immensely to the oppressive menacing presence.

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That Gum U Like – Killer – Audio

The Brazilian darkwave duo That Gum U Like release their début EP The Black Lodge on the 15th of December.

That Gum U Like - photo credit - Amanda Goes

That Gum U Like – photo credit – Amanda Goes

The Black Lodge is a four track EP of ethereal shapes as the electronica folds in to itself like melting wax with a spectral vocal wrapping in to the ears – the vaguely sinister nature of the songs is delivered through both a jagged edge of drum-pad and the menacing bass which give the tracks their darkness.

The first song to be revealed from the EP is the second track – Killer.

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Electric Light Pulp – Who Am I? – Audio

The Brazilian electro-lofi project Electric Light Pulp released the LP I’m Not Here on the 13th.

Electric Light Pulp - Who Am I?

Electric Light Pulp

An eight track album of instrumentation and electronica which has dour air which slowly envelopes the room in a grey shroud like a thick fog, leaving the listener encased in a ghostly soundscape that flickers dark shadowy figures which are never fully revealed.

The fourth of the eight tracks on the LP (available on bandcamp) is Who Am I?.

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Spyke, The Boy – New – Audio

The Brazilian experimental-electronica creator Vicente Saraiva who performs under the name Spyke, The Boy released the LP TILASIM on the 29th of March.

Spyke, The Boy

Spyke, The Boy

It is when you meet musical suggestions such as this that it will remind you why you read the site with a sense of anticipation or remind you why you often find it far more obscure than you recall last time visited.

The sixth track of the seven on TILASIMNew – is a just over six and three quarter minutes of isolated pulse that skips through the ears akin to the visual display of an ICU monitor as it traces arrhythmia.

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