Le Garçon Rêvé – Pensées Étranglées – Audio

The Spain based French and Argentinian alt-folk duo Le Garçon Rêvé released the LP Eat Your Make Up earlier in the month.

Le Garçon Rêvé

Le Garçon Rêvé

A roughly thirty seven minutes, nine track album, which quietly and confidently steps from the speakers as Le Garçon Rêvé deliver a soundtrack steeped in adroitly handled acoustic guitar.

My selection from Eat Your Make Up (available on bandcamp) is the fifth number, Pensées Étranglées, which features a viola allowing the duo to add considerable texture to the piece whilst equally containing the most prepossessing vocal performance on the release.

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One Man Dancing – Blank Page – Audio

The Argentinian indie-light project of Agus SamurOne Man Dancing is set to release the LP Memories Of A New Home in January 2017.

One Man Dancing

One Man Dancing

The first track to surface from the ten on the album – Blank Page, whilst being of slight initial texture is well worth spending the just under four and a half-minutes run time – as underpinning the veneer lays a solid cask of oak with a poignant pianoforte that is able to gnarl the speakers with its blocky dampened pedal, giving the track an unanticipated resonance and finds me looking forward to discovering more about the other nine tracks.


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La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla – Pare Limpiarme La Sangre – Video

The Argentinian alt-indie outfit La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla are putting finishing touches to the LP La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla En El Tiempo De Los Ciegos.

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla - Pare Limpiarme La Sangre

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla continue to deliver music that pours scorn on the world around, whilst maintaining the slightly psychedelic tinge to the output allowing them, in Pare Limpiarme La Sangre, the first track to appear from the forthcoming album, to call for a change in the status quo, while wrapping it in a composition that drifts hazily through the room.

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Panchita La Pistolera

Pablo Caballero (Guitar / Vocals), Dante Sultani (Guitar), Lautaro Vallilengua (Bass) and Fernán Mareque (Drums) from Buenos Aires in Argentina form the progressive rock band Panchita la Pistolera.

Panchita La Pistolera - progressive rock from Argentina

Panchita La Pistolera

Allowing themselves plenty of space in which to deliver their ideas Panchita la Pistolera do not however steal time from the audience, as each side-step invites the ears in to a new warren of exploration in which there is much to discover.

These are seasoned musicians who are more than able to create their own recipe from scratch and the resulting pitches of almost vertical yawing of guitar laid against an undulating bass which congress around a busy drum provides ample opportunity for the vocals to spiral into a new burrow to furrow.

Having been around for a few years now Panchita la Pistolera have both the confidence and ability to grab hold of the listener and lead them on a journey of intrigue.

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gbrl – mensajeFallido-Nada-Render-Ref-C0 – Audio

The Argentinian experimental electronics creator Gabriel Vaschetto, who performs under the name gbrl was first introduced in 2011.

gbrl - mensajeFallido-Nada-Render-Ref-C0


The latest track to surface, which appeared within the past few hours – mensajeFallido-Nada-Render-Ref-C0 – continues the theme of brief sounds which float like bubbles through the room, before disappearing into nothingness.

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