t.r. hand & Glauber K.S. – Culture Working – Audio

The duo of t.r. hand from England and Glauber K.S from Brazil collaborated to release the minimalist drone EP Suburban Solitude today.

t.r. hand

t.r. hand

As you would anticipate the five track EP, which is available on bandcamp, is not a case study in brevity, lasting as it does for approximately seventy four minutes.

There is an imaginative experimentalism to the release as varieties of piano, guitar, electronica and field sound recordings are fused in to an immersive soundscape in which to harmonise the flow of the mind and allow it to, akin to an unpaired electron, dimerize with the music ultimately forming a covalent bond.

Glauber K.S.

Glauber K.S.

Culture Working, which lasts for precisely twenty minutes, is the middle track.

websitet.r. hand

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Mundaka – Desaparecer – Video

Rodrigo Vera Tudela (Vocal / Guitar), Richard Angeles (Drums), Lucas Stiglich (Bass) and Mateo Majluf (Guitar) from Lima (Peru) who form the alt-rock band Mundaka released the recorded live EP Mar Adentro on the 21st.



An EP which introduces various guest musicians and disparate instrumentation as and where required, journeys around a broad thread of influence.

My selection from the EP being the penultimate, which only features the four players in the band in a swooping hazy array of fretboards, surrounded by an uncompromising bass / drum combination, Desaparecer.

All five tracks were, as with this video, captured in the live performance of the recording session of the EP.

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Mar Adentro – EP – Mundaka is available on iTunes.*

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Patricio García – Monotone Talk – Audio

The Argentinian agit-electronica creator Patricio García is finalising release details of the LP Listen In Awe.

Patricio García

Patricio García

The album comprises of samples and spliced voices to create compositions that cast a scathing contempt for societies in which inane chatter and stunted intellect has become taken as thoughts of deep philosophical discourse.

Many of those making it their life’s work to be in the public eye, of both national and international disrepute, are sampled in to the electronic glitch creating music which is at once both jarring and infectious.

Listen In Awe although of some little while in gestation is right up to date as well as pulling voices from the past including King George VI of the UK whilst more current examples include the Argentinian politician Martín Grande who in the June debate on the legalisation of abortion in Argentina, came up with what he felt was a thought of some impressive logic, perhaps a classic of a very stupid fellow mansplaining in to a meaningless vortex of its own idiocy, that there is some abstract comparison that could be drawn between ladies and marsupials reproduction and if only ladies were able to accept that fact none would want to support the legalisation of abortion.

The first song to surface from the LP Monotone Talk, sets the backdrop for the album and will itself be released as a single on the 18th of October.


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Owl Company – Shattered Dreams – Video

The Brazilian heavy-rock quintet, Owl Company, release the LP Iris on the 9th of November.

Owl Company - Shattered Dreams

Owl Company

A change of tracks on the album has seen the single Pieces which featured earlier in the year removed from the release.

There are now a bakers dozen final tracks on Iris with Shattered Dreams being the fifth.

Iris – OWL COMPANY is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.