Mode Dodeca – Hello from Hyperspace – Audio

The quartet of Brittany Malm (Vocals / Guitar), Jordan Cope (Drums), Austin Sears (Bass) and Zack Chicoine (Guitar), from Austin (USA), who form the maths-rock band Mode Dodeca will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 21st.

Mode Dodeca
Mode Dodeca

The extended compositions on the album (available on bandcamp) have the distinct angularity of maths-rock in to which the quartet infuse a soft lens which gives the tracks an unexpectedly airy and progressive accenting with the songs having a hazy layer which bends the sharp spikes in to polymorphic wafts of curling shapes.

The fifth of the seven tracks is Hello from Hyperspace

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Screamin’ Rebel Angels – Ooh! My Soul – Audio

From Brooklyn (USA) the rockabilly duo Screamin’ Rebel Angels comprised of Laura Palmer (Double Bass /  Rhythm Guitar / Violin / Keys / Vocals) and Brian Hack (Lead Guitar) plus guest musicians release the LP Heel Grinder on the 24th of January 2019. 

Screamin' Rebel Angels - Photo by Eddies Gig Pics
Screamin’ Rebel Angels – Photo by Eddies Gig Pics

If you happen to be in New York on the 25th of January the album (available on bandcamp)  is being live launched at the Mercury Lounge with a West Coast tour in February.

If, like me, you are in a different Continent altogether I merely advise spend the next month raising fitness prior to grabbing hold of Heel Grinder as, like the opening song – Ooh! My Soul – there is no time to draw breath until the middle track – Something On Your Mind – a dozen minutes later that there is slow down in tempo only for the final six songs, though marginally less frenetic, pick up the pace once again.

How could I not recommend spending the time in the company of a double bass, smoky vocal and shin bruising rock’n’roll? 


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Beatrix Sky – Love Drug – Audio

Beatrix Hauth (Synths / Vocals) and Travis Lent (Drums) from Seattle (USA) who combine to form the sultrywave outfit Beatrix Sky – have a new EP coming out on the 2nd of February 2019.

Beatrix Sky
Beatrix Sky

After an extended gap in new material since 2016 the new EP is a welcome return to the scene.

Those familiar with earlier work will discover a similar vein running through the music, though the latest track adds a more voluptuous dimension which allows – Love Drug – to hover in the room as it gently caresses the listener within the soft folds of organ and softly echoing vocal. 

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The Candescents – Wet Tuesday – Single Review

The quartet of Alex Harris, Alex von Lehmden, Miguel Alfredo Acero III, Cody von Lehmden from Columbus (USA) who form the indie-suede band The Candescents released the single Wet Tuesday on the 11th.

The Candescents - photo by Aysia Marotta
The Candescents – photo by Aysia Marotta

Dial down the stresses of daily life to the creamy flow of Wet Tuesday as the trouser hems of guitar shuffle through the room accompanied by an expressive and expansive vocal which is able to skip through rising and dropping stanzas with alacrity while the extensive use of softly brushed cymbals add to the dream-like composition as bass swoops in and out of focal point while bass-drum maintains a steadying hand to the composition.

Wet Tuesday – Single – The Candescents is available on iTunes.*


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The Chocolate Watchband – This Is My Voice – Audio

On the 22nd of February 2019 the trippy-garage quintet of 
David Aguilar (Lead Vocals / Harmonica / Keyboards / Percussion), 
Gary Andrijasevich (Drums / Vocals), Tim Abbott (Lead Guitar / Electric Sitar / Harmonica /keyboards / Vocals), Derek See (Rhythm Guitar / Twelve String Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals) and Alec Palao (Bass / Vocals) from San Jose (USA) who form The Chocolate Watchband will release the LP This Is My Voice.

The Chocolate Watchband

The Chocolate Watchband

The eclectic range of instrumentation and variety of voices to hand enable the quintet to deliver music of both varied weave and texturing, though they never dig in to the toolbox in an attempt to add frippery, rather keep the music well rooted in raw garage freshness.

The eleven track album (available on bandcamp) invites the listener to slough off the trials and tribulations of the day and join them robed in a tie-dyed kaftan.

The third and title track on the LP is the tripped out and sitar laden This Is My Voice.


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