The Scuzzballs – Passed Out – Audio

The US indie-rock quartet The Scuzzballs released the LP Ooof today.

The Scuzzballs - photo credit - Lisha Colleen

The Scuzzballs – photo credit – Lisha Colleen

Wandering around the room with a retrospective air to the music, The Scuzzballs in Ooof (available on bandcamp) deliver a nine track album that transports the listener through the ages from Merseybeat influences to ’80s garage and ’90s indie, with more than a smattering of bang up to date currency.

Although not currently performing after Arfil Pajarillaga (Vocals / Guitar) moved to another part of the country this, their début LP, was predominately recorded after the move – news also arrives that they will be performing live in late October in their home town Cleveland and the possibility of a full revival in time is not discounted.

The second song is Passed Out.

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saajtak – Hectic – Audio

The US art-rock quartet saajtak released the two track single Hectic on the 28th of June.



A multifaceted roughly thirteen minutes release (available on bandcamp) that is highlighted by the immense vocals which have the ability to spiral deep inside the mind shifting synapses as it burrows. Layering the voice with instrumentation and synthesis that has an extemporised feeling enables the quartet to deliver a single which holds the imagination long after the moments have passed.

My selection of the two songs is the opener and title – Hectic.


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Other Americans – Make Me Afraid – Video

The US synthwave quartet Other Americans released their eponymous LP on the 29th of June.

Other Americans - Photo by Mike Alexander

Other Americans – Photo by Mike Alexander

The second of the six songs on the LP – Make Me Afraid – has mix of the retrospective and current soundtrack which combines bright light and deep shadows to deliver a track that has a sweeping elegance that is underpinned by a looming menace in a composition written in the context of the fears and pleasures of trusting to falling in love.

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Capital Soirée – Lake Tides / Almost So Close – Single Review

The US synth-rock trio Capital Soirée released the AA side single Lake Tides / Almost So Close on the 29th of June.

Capital Soirée - photo by @sarahbeidatsch

Capital Soirée – photo by @sarahbeidatsch

Each track on Lake Tides / Almost So Close (which is available on bandcamp) illuminates different perspectives of Capital Soirée.

Lake Tides is a creamy flow of hazy melodic gazewave which settles quietly in to the room generating a sense of calmness as it places soft hands on nearby furrowed brows.

Almost So Close, which is my pick of the two, takes a deeper breath prior to flowing out of the speakers with the listener being transported to ’80s synthwave.

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Aaron Avis – Thirteen – Audio

The US goth-rap creator Aaron Avis revealed the LP ZION on the 30th of June.

Aaron Avis

Aaron Avis

A nine track album of dystopian membrane that, like a wrecking ball, lays to waste all within its reach, leaving behind a trail of industrial destruction in a roughly thirty seven minutes of pulsing instrumentation, intense vocal and stern percussion.

Three of the songs will already be known to collectors of the music having appeared on the LP The Bootleg Compilation which was released in March – of the remaining six my pick of the release is the fourth track on the album – Thirteen.


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