Sepia – Cool – Audio

The US rock quartet Sepia release the LP Drop Dead, Gorgeous.. on the 16th.



A ten track album of compacted rock’n’roll that makes the world seem a better place for its very existence.

Not attempting to add any fancy flyers to the music Sepia are able to deliver a crunchy rock album in which the quartet demonstrate that often – less is more – with the unfettered compositions able to hold the attention in a collection of songs that are led by either acoustic or electric guitar.

The second song is Cool.


Drop Dead, Gorgeous.. – Sepia is available on iTunes.*

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Pine Moon – Decay With Grace – Audio

Pine Moon is the sadcore project of the US musician Casey Brown.

Pine Moon

Pine Moon

I apologise that I am a tad late to this as an exchange of emails got bogged-down in my dodgy admin and has lain dormant since the start of the month.

The début LP Epilogue was released towards the tail end of last month. A bakers dozen track album (available on bandcamp) of haunting melancholic beauty that takes in a disparate range of presentation through its roughly fifty minutes journey. Lead instruments featured include acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, electric keyboard and piano with all of the songs laid to a slow drifting resolution as through peering through a dawn mist with the melancholic vocal emerging like a silhouette in the shroud.

The eighth track is Decay With Grace.


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Stains Of A Sunflower – Lindsey – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Stains Of A Sunflower released their eponymous EP on the 1st.

Stains Of A Sunflower - Photo credit - Jen Vesp Photography

Stains Of A Sunflower – Photo credit – Jen Vesp Photography

Influences of folk, blues, rock and soul are filtered by Stains Of A Flower to create music that has a heartfelt resonance in which the listener finds themselves drawn ever closer and the four track EP (available on bandcamp) is a good starting point to get an idea of their style of song writing with each song pivoting around a different theme.

My pick of which is the second track – Lindsey – in which the powerful vocal, to my ears, pays its most impressive role on the EP and is able to bring out the full richness of voice in the soul-funk composition equally each of the instruments is given space to take the spotlight and resultingly establishing Stains Of A Sunflower as a band to keep a look out for in the future.


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Mines Falls – Easy Now – Single Review

The US melancholic-drift duo Mines Falls released the single Easy Now on the 28th of February.

Mines Falls

Mines Falls

Three singles have been released in the past four months, each of different tapestry, the latest of which Easy Now is the most brooding in demeanour.

Piano leads the mood of the composition whilst electronica circles the keys in slowly evolving dream-sequences as a forlorn vocal gazes wistfully from aside giving Easy Now an intriguing counterpoint around which to pivot as the five and two thirds minutes song leaves the room shrouded in a misty sadness in to which the listener finds themselves become ever more drawn, prior to finally breaking to what minds of a trumpet and piano concluding eulogy.

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Easy Now – Single – Mines Falls is available on iTunes.*

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Soul Inscribed – Let Them In – Single Review

The US agit-soul sextet collective Soul Inscribed released the single Let Them In on the 26th of February.

Soul Inscribed

Soul Inscribed

Whilst themed around the divisions pervasive in the USA reflecting on that geo-political silo, this is a song with far wider global resonance in a world in which being a fanatical partiot marks as loyalty and everyone else are defacto terrorists.

Let Them In (available on bandcamp) queries why one piece of rock soaked in blood is more relevant than another while giving precendence of ownership to those with the greatest firepower rather than accepting there is only one world in which we all coexist.

With no need to scream with spittle flecked lips, in Let Them In, Soul Inscribed are able to conjoin: soul-groove; afro-reggae beat and; calm clarity of acerbic vocal – to find an international audience swaying in harmony whilst reaching out for connection with others.


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