Safe Secrets – Snakes And Spiders – EP Review

The US blues-rock trio Safe Secrets released the five track EP Snakes And Spiders on the 14th.

Safe Secrets - Snakes And Spiders

Safe Secrets

Opening with Intro – an eighty-five second track that sets up the confabulation of distorted ideas which sit inside Snakes And Spiders and by the very presence of this number the listener is immediately aware Safe Secrets is a band of far greater confidence than that introduced in February of last year, as with no hesitancy they throw in a curve-ball for the ears.

On hitting Toe Tagged, time to turn up the volume and scatter the furniture in a track which features dropping scales with a hefty bass note to conclude the progressions of bars giving the piece a sense of the downtrodden, which is suddenly torn asunder by screaming guitar.

Not Alone Part II is next on Snakes And Spiders and sadly already marks the half-way point. Finding some connection with Not Alone Part I which was the opening track on the LP Let Em’ Hear It, in that it too is a blousy guitar number, here Safe Secrets have tightened the sails with double time drums thwacks in a number that featured in the 2016 New Year Ninety.

The penultimate track – Sugar is marked by a scorched earth flame-thrower that blisters the speakers and is my pick of the release as the trio let their hair down in an all guns firing piece that demands immediate replay.

Concluding Snakes And Spiders (available on bandcamp) is Liars And Lions which discovers Safe Secrets in introspective acoustic opening moment. Their most self challenging piece with sharp clefts demanding of clean edged syncopation and they are able to deliver the precipices of tempo change and unexpected full-stops with alacrity. Perhaps the track that defines their coming of age and sets the bar for future releases.

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La Sera – I Need An Angel – Audio

The US rock ‘n’ roll duo La Sera release the LP Music For Listening To Music To on the 4th of March.

La Sera - Music For Listening To Music To - artwork

La Sera – Music For Listening To Music To – artwork

The sixth of the ten tracks on the album – I Need An Angel should come with the warning label – do not try and sit down.

There is an infectious melody and pace which threads through I Need An Angel that floods the listener with an immediate need to dance as La Sera do what they do best – create music for everyone to enjoy.


Music for Listening to Music To – La Sera is available on iTunes.*

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Hobosexual – Illegal Sensations – Audio

It has been a couple of years since the US rock duo Hobosexual were introduced.

Hobosexual - Good Bad Taste - artwork

Hobosexual – Good Bad Taste – artwork

In support of Record Store Day on the 16th of April Hobosexual will be releasing the three track single Good Bad Taste, which is available on bandcamp.

The first track, Illegal Sensations is a big blues rock number in which the duo have managed to find room to manoeuvre inside the punchy riffs that spin across the room. Spreading the bars more widely Hobosexual have not lost any of their impact, but have permitted themselves more space to explore the ideas.

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Yes You Are – A Miracle – Video

The US alt-rock quintet Yes You Are first featured in December and have become firm favourites with the readers securing the Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month in January.

Yes You Are - A Miracle

Yes You Are

A live version of a performance of A Miracle on the 12th – needs no additional commentary – the audience give their verdict.

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Heaven Falls Hard – Hidden – Audio

The US dark-wave duo Heaven Falls Hard released the LP The Mercy-Go-Round earlier in the month.

Heaven Falls Hard

Heaven Falls Hard

The just over half an hour eight track album is a dark cloak of despondency that will have you coming back for more.

The penultimate number Hidden encapsulates the beauty of the compositions as synthesiser and melancholic guitar splice inside one another like treacle gliding off a spoon. The dark molasses form shadowy shapes which contort inside themselves, whilst the extended voice gently attenuates, akin to espying someone gently expiring.

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The Mercy-Go-Round – Heaven Falls Hard is available on iTunes*.

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