Remedies from Birmingham in the USA is the dream-wave trio of  Skylar Davis, Paul Abbott and Kirby Russell.

Remedies - dream-wave from the USA


Formed a few years ago now Remedies have evolved from their earlier 2012 releases into a more flowing and self-assured sound, which has allowed the trio to make their music more expansive and alliterative, giving the out-put more presence and composure.

Park your feet up and rest back in the chair to make the most of the tracks, which wend their way round the head in delightful lo-fi production, giving the sounds a warmer feel. I would like to hear them recording onto analogue sixteen track where this would suit perfectly, however the recording techniques currently deployed make the best of digital and the notes are substantially fuzzed to achieve the desired effect.

The uncomplicated creations are delivered with perfect spacing and pace and this allows the music to drift lazily around the room in a haze, leaving the audience entranced. The surprisingly acerbic lyric which reflects on an environment falling apart at the seams, sit as a remarkable contrast to the music and the combination of the two marks the overall out-put for notice.

The most recent release, which came out earlier this month is the eight track Believers, which they are making available through bandcamp is a well invested just under forty minutes of listening pleasure.

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Honey Bucket

Honey Bucket is the alt-rock trio of Matt (Guitar / Vocals), Jon (Drums) and Vince (Bass / Vocals) from Portland in the USA.

Honey Bucket - alt-rock from the USA

Honey Bucket

The sounds seep through the room like water through green tea leaves  – infusing the spaces with tinctures of colour. Honey Bucket produce material which appears benign, but has a distinctive and fulsome character. The trio create music which is endowed with understated munificence and spending time with them is time well spent.

The songs have semblances of garage rock, imbued with psychedelic surf and tempos switch between the lay back and ingest to the get up and dance frenetically, yet whichever the iteration there is a fuzziness that gives the resulting out-put an engrossing detail.

Not long out of formation – just over a year, Honey Bucket have already released two LPs and a three track single along with a heavy live performance schedule. Were the dice not loaded then they would already be a band you already knew, but the world doesn’t work like that, sadly.

I heartily recommend getting hold of the back catalogue (which is available on bandcamp) and keeping your ears pinned back for the inevitable next release.  It is thanks to bands like Honey Bucket that being a music reviewer becomes so rewarding, as does my email in-box.

I wish them all the best and even if the rest of the world doesn’t get on the band-wagon for some obscure reason they will certainly sit on my play-list.

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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks from Chicago in the USA is the garage rock quartet of Cadien, Clay, Connor and Jack.

Twin Peaks - Garage Rock from the USA

Twin Peaks

There is an intriguing sound that wends it’s way to the ears on listening to Twin Peaks. Influences from ’70s English blues rock intermingle with USA ’80s new wave and a dash of 60’s psychedelia, resulting in the audience being provided with powerful under-tows of guitar driven rock.

An already established fan-base will no doubt find the ranks further swollen with the release of their most recent sixteen track LP – Wild Onion which came out on the 5th of this month.

The quartet play with assured confidence which enables them to concentrate of performance, not technique and this allows Twin Peaks to make most of the well structured compositions. Whilst they have developed a smoother and more rounded sound than is normally found in the genre, they have not steered away from their roots and bubbling away inside the tracks are the gruffer seams, which give the band the ability to attract audiences both with and without an affinity to garage rock. Given the nature of the influences drawn by the song-writers the music equally transcends geography.

If there is justice in the music industry – Twin Peaks is a band you will hear much more of in the none too distant future.


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Inflatable Best Friend

Inflatable Best Friend from Kalamazoo in the USA is the garage rock trio of Austin (Bass) Ian (Drums) and Tanner (Guitar / Vocal).

Inflatable Best Friend - image - Dwayne Hoover

Inflatable Best Friend – image – Dwayne Hoover

A hurling fuzzed bass fuses the speakers as Inflatable Best Friend put a psychedelic twist to new wave rock. The percussion relentlessly hammers out an unforgiving pace, whilst the guitar trips out in the corner as the vocal keeps the mixture together. It is the lo-fi unpretentious flippancy with which the trio approach the music that gives it the impressive resonance it holds.

Well received on the touring circuit Inflatable Best Friend is able to take the raw power into the studio to allow those who don’t have the opportunity to see them live to get the feeling they are present.  A recent ten track LP Ectoplasmic Puke Wizard looks set to to have a follow-up in short order as the trio are soon to head back in to the studio.

Established for a few years now Inflatable Best Friend have gained confidence in their idiosyncratic space in the world of music and long may they keep carving out their own room.

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Casual Strangers

Katey Gunn (Vocals / Lapsteel / Triwave), Paul Waclawsky (Vocals / Guitar), Jaylinn Davidson (Synth / Bass) and Jake Mitchell (Drums / Samples) from Austin in the USA combine to form the alt-rock outfit Casual Strangers.

Casual Strangers - alt-rock from the USA

Casual Strangers

Drifting across the room are the smoky wisps that is Casual Strangers, with their sonic textures combining instrumentation and electronics to provide ever building layers of sound.

Casual Strangers manage to negotiate a difficult space as although there is hint of psychedelia, it doesn’t become trippy and whilst arty doesn’t become self-indulgent and the listener is left with complexities of sound that fascinate the brain and find themselves drawn in to discover more. The vocal adds a spectral dimension to the already spacey sounds.

References can be drawn from a slew of genres and rather than muddle it all into a mess Casual Strangers is able to emerge with music that has an elegant eroticism that will, with fortune, provide them with the leverage to grow a wider audience.

Just over a year old the quartet have recently released their début ten track eponymous LP – which provides just over half an hour of pleasure and well worth getting hold of and dimming the lights to enjoy.

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