wwoman – FOA – Single Review

The US groovemove project wwoman revealed the song FOA on Friday.



If you have ever been to a ’70s themed disco night or were attending at the time – you will know exactly what to expect on hitting play – if you haven’t it may come as something of a surprise in to what affairs they can quickly turn.

The quivering synths invite the listener to a dimly lit corner of the dance-floor for a knee trembler as the insistent beat soaks in to the spine with the electronica wrapping through the hips and pressing closer and with a matching desire while the vocal whispers breathily in to the ears.

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Clones Of Clones – Drugz – Video

The US indie-rock quartet, Clone Of Clones, recently released the LP All The Things We Dreamed.

Clones Of Clones - Drugz

Clones Of Clones

The third of the eleven songs on the album – Drugz – is of more despondent mood than much of their music previously.

The slowly rotating track is given its shadowy shades through the both the slow pace and the clever pivoting of percussion and repetitious guitar, blurred by a bending synth which gives the music the sense of a discomforting hang-over.

All the Things We Dreamed – Clones of Clones is available on iTunes.*

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Dentist – Upset Words – Audio

The US garage-surf trio Dentist release the LP Night Swimming 20th.



Think less of the sound of drills heard in a dentists waiting room rather the muzzy headed good vibe of the sedation of nitrous oxide and you will be at the right sort of Dentist

An eleven track LP to grab from the shelves and hold dearly when released (available on bandcamp) is opened by Upset Words.


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In The Whale – Highways – Audio

The US rock duo In The Whale will be releasing the, five track plus an acoustic version of one song, EP Dopamine on the 3rd of August.

In The Whale

In The Whale

The song that is on the EP as both a plugged-in and acoustic has been made available in advance of the full release. The plugged-in version of Highway (the antepenultimate track on Dopamine) is a sludgy grunge track which trudges through the room in gloopy footstep, with the listener finding themselves attempting to dive in to the puddles to wallow in the muddy riffs and sunken drum-skins.


Dopamine – EP – In the Whale is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Old Smile – Too Late – Audio

The US trippy-rock project Old Smile released the three track single Falling Feeling yesterday.

Old Smile - Too Late

Old Smile

There is something of – the far distance – in the tracks on Falling Feeling (available on bandcamp) which appears to be standing far apart from the present consciousness of the listener, almost as-though an hallucinogenic in its own right rather than merely a descriptive.

The opener is – Too Late.

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