EdTang & The Chops – The Chops – Video

It was just over three years ago that the US rock ‘n’ roll outfit EdTang & The Chops first featured.

EdTang & The Chops - Magic Tricks And Rolling Stone - artwork

EdTang & The Chops – Magic Tricks And Rolling Stone – artwork

In September of last year they decided to fold and head off in different musical directions, but did at the time of their last show express a desire to put together one final LP to say farewell and on the 4th of July with the physical release of album and the 18th of July digitally – Magic Tricks And Rolling Stone they will close this chapter on their lives.

From the ten track LP – the closer – The Chops.

EdTang & The Chops will be missed, but on a positive note there are new bands and solo acts arising by various band members from the closing of this book.

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Arc Iris – Kaleidoscope – Video

The US ethereal-rock trio Arc Iris release the LP Moon Saloon on the 19th of August.

Arc Iris - Moon Saloon - artwork

Arc Iris – Moon Saloon – artwork

The first song to be revealed from the ten track album is the bewitching opener – Kaleidoscope.

A composition which furrows its way around the room snuffling out the shadowed corners from which, like the Sirens of Sirenum Scopuli, tempt the listener with delicious bows, strings, keys and vocal as they pitch their intoxicating beauty, to which the audience is inextricably drawn.

Moon Saloon is available directly from the Arc Iris web-store.


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Tongues of Fire – Sea – Single Review

Tongues of Fire from the USA is a new-wave trio who released their début single Sea on the 24th.

Tongues of Fire

Tongues of Fire

Formed earlier this year – Sea (available on bandcamp) is their first foray into a fully formed release. Though there are snippets of thoughts they have made available for those of us not locally based in North Carolina since January.

Lasting just under three minutes Tongues of Fire spear angularities of lo-fi rim sheering distortion and feedback which coils out of the speakers like a Spitting Cobra espying a Vole running across the scrub and the trio launch the venom across the room in a singular sound which bites into the soul.

I am intrigued to discover more of Lowell Hobbs (Guitar / Vocals), Chandler Bell (Bass / Vocals) and Jakeb Reel (Drums) whilst anticipating they will feature for a while to come.

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Psychic Twin – Lose Myself – Audio

The US psychedelic-electronica project Psychic Twin release their début LP Strange Diary on the 9th of September.

Psychic Twin

Psychic Twin

From the forthcoming album (available via Polyvinyl Records) the seventh of the nine tracks – Lose Myself flows mysteriously around the room prior to drifting out of earshot akin to watching spiralling wisps of smoke.


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Titus Andronicus – 69 Stones – Video

The US new-wave band Titus Andronicus will be releasing the LP S+@DIUM ROCK: Five Nights at the Opera digitally on the 29th of July and on vinyl on the 5th of August.

Titus Andronicus - S+@DIUM ROCK: Five Nights at the Opera - artwork

Titus Andronicus – S+@DIUM ROCK: Five Nights at the Opera – artwork

The live album was recorded last year at Shea Stadium in New York (USA) and although it is over six years since they were initially introduced and eleven years since their formation, the frustrations with the world around remain deeply rooted in the sounds of the continually touring Titus Andronicus.

From the eleven track LP (available via Merge Records)  the ninth – 69 Stones.

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