Jesika Von Rabbit – My Medicine – Audio

Jesika Von Rabbit is an electro-rock project from Joshua Tree in the USA.

Jesika Von Rabbit

Jesika Von Rabbit

Tying together a plethora of ideas, instruments, percussion and keyboards Jesika Von Rabbit is a musician best heard in a long quaff to fully enjoy and become immersed in the analogue feel of the varied output.

With some fortune a nine track, roughly thirty seven minutes LP – Dessert Rock – surfaced last week.

My Medicine with its rock’n’roll roots, which is the penultimate song, being my pick of the release.


Dessert Rock – Jesika Von Rabbit is available on iTunes.*

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Smokin’ On Planes – Parallel Lives – Audio

Smokin’ On Planes is the rock trio of Nick Galasso (Vocal / Guitar), Miguel Teixeira (Bass) and Omri Malal (Drums) based in Washington D.C. (USA).

Smokin' On Planes

Smokin’ On Planes

Their music has a completely absorbing flow, which akin to molten lava sliding down the slopes of a volcano has a variable viscosity, which gives the compositions their engaging textured dynamics. Formed earlier this year, there are only three tracks I have been able to hear, each of which has a retrospective air and a similarity of demeanour.

Parallel Lives is their signature combination of powerful bass and drum which are melded with a hazy ebbing and flow of the guitar which all in tandem with the Knopfleresque vocal delivery draws a reference to Dire Straits, though not as an imitation, merely an influencer and a trio I look forward to hearing more from in short order.

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Parallel Lives – Single – Smokin’ on Planes is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Timmy’s Organism – Guzzle Gasoline – Audio

The acid-rock trio – Timmy’s Organism – which comprises of Timmy VulgarJeff Giant and Blake Hill, from Detroit (USA) release the LP Survival Of The Fiendish on the 5th of October.

Timmy's Organism

Timmy’s Organism

The ten track album (available on bandcamp) contains the quirks, crackles, distortion, explosive energy and far reaching imagination which has marked the creativity of Timmy Vulgar, in the various guises which have followed, since first releasing the signature sound of distorted acid rock back in the ’90s.

Timmy’s Organism will be heading out on a supporting tour through October and early November in the USA –

12th Chicago IL.@Thalia Hall*
13th Cleve OH.@Beachland Ballroom*
16th Buffalo NY.@Mohawk
17th NYC @Warsaw*
18th Detroit @Marble Bar
19th Milwaukee @Cactus Club
20th Minneapp MN.@Moon Palace Books
21st Fargo ND @Sidestreet
23rd Missoula MT.@the Union Bar
24th Seattle WA.@Funhouse
25th Portland OR.@the Liquor Store
26th San Francisco CA.@Vacation Vintage
27th Los Angelas CA. @Hi Hat
29th Phoenix AZ. @Lunch Box
30th El Paso TX. @Monarch
31st Austin TX. @Hotel Vegas~

1st New Orleans LA. @Poor Boys~
2nd Atlanta GA. @the Earl~
3rd Memphis TN. @Bar DKDC~
4th Nashville TN. @Cobra Lounge~
5th Louisvile KY. @Kaiju
6th Columbus OH. @Ace of cups

* with Oh Sees
~ with John Wesley Coleman III

Guzzle Gasoline, the first song to appear from the LP is also the first of the ten on Survival Of The Fiendish.

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Vinz Clortho – Endless Road – Audio

The US gnarly-blues quintet Vinz Clortho are working towards the release of their début LP, which is due out later this year.

Vinz Clortho

Vinz Clortho

On the 22nd they will be releasing the track Endless Road, which joins their previous two singles as their full recording catalogue thus far – marking of a band who have much to add to the music for road trips playlist and an album I look forward to being able to add to the collection.

On pulling in to a semi-abandoned town in the middle of nowhere Endless Road is precisely the track that you would want hear rumbling out of a dimly lit bar as immediately there is a sense of welcoming to a fellow-traveller and ahead beckons a certainty of an evening in company with those, as yet unknown, who will become life-long friends.

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daisybones – Choke – Audio

The skater quartet of Dillon Bailey (Vocals / Bass), AJ Ciardi (Drums), Jordan Prange (Guitar) and Lucas DeLisle (Synth), from Boston in the USA who form the band daisybones will be releasing the LP Gold on the 9th of November.



The second of the ten tracks on the the album – Choke – itself available as a stand alone single on bandcamp – launches through the speakers in a blur of activity, to soon slow to a funereal pace, prior to gathering up its skirt and tumbling through the room again – in a loop of continuum. That they are able to do this within a track that lasts for less than two minutes, yet doesn’t leave the listener feeling discombobulated, attests to a quartet who have much to offer the world of music.

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