Pretty Ghouls

Asia Mock (Vocals), Sarah Stawski (Guitar) and T.J. Ghoul (Drums) from Detroit in the USA combine to form the garage-thrash trio Pretty Ghouls.

Pretty Ghouls - Thrash-garage from the USA

Pretty Ghouls

After a few reviews of quieter moments – time to turn the speakers as loud as they will go and then kick them to ensure you have all the traction possible and then hit play for the distorted sounds of Pretty Ghouls. There is nothing to do other than join in with the destruction and mayhem of the chaos which licks its way into the room.

‘Rock-a-billy meets its match’ may have been a more appropriate genre descriptor. Brevity is their watchword and unravelling the name of their one and only EP – the live recorded four track – Dead At The Dandy Teen Club (available on bandcamp) takes almost as long as the just over seven minutes it lasts.

Pretty Ghouls don’t attempt to be anything other than who they are, musicians who enjoy creating noise, of as much joy to the wider world, their carefree attitude is precisely the injection of energetic enthusiasm that the world of music needs and long they may continue to generate their concise perspicacity.

Long live rock and roll in the hands of the likes of Pretty Ghouls, I am off to find the blue suede brothel creepers that are an essential to accompany Outlaw Blues.

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Enjoy – Geography – Audio

The US alt-rock musician Enjoy is the solo project of Wyatt Shears.



To be made available a few hours ago from the LP Another Word For Joy – due for release on the 12th as a cassette and later in the year as vinyl – Geography has a ska beat that inveigles its way into the audience like the warming embers of a summer evening bonfire.

The vocal explores the concept of the futility of living life vicariously in a scourging dissemination of the internet age.

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Chris Marksbury – She’s Alright – Single Review

The US rock musician Chris Marksbury surfaced with a new track a few hours ago.

Chris Marksbury - She's Alright

Chris Marksbury

She’s Alright is a departure from the normal Americana rock of Chris Marksbury in a track that not only steps across the Atlantic Ocean, but also steps back in time to a Merseybeat retrospective. It is somewhat intriguing how often I have referenced ‘Merseybeat’ in the recent past, are we on a trend-line? Am I becoming hip?

Harmonica intersperses with guitar leaving the listener clapping hands in time as She’s Alright spinneys around the room like a yacht tacking course as the undulating sounds track towards the bouy. The joyful bounces of stern skimming the waves is a new departure for a musician who has recorded catalogue dating back many a year and it sounds as fresh as a daisy allowing Chris the opportunity to spread his sails once again.

Not only is this a track that gives the audience a lift, but as someone who speaks to creator from time to time I find a lightened mood, which, on a personal note makes me smile inwardly.

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Twin Peaks – Walk To The One You Love – Audio

The US garage rock band Twin Peaks are due to release the LP Down In Heaven on the 13th of May.

Twin Peaks - Down In Heaven - artwork

Twin Peaks – Down In Heaven – artwork

Initially introduced back in 2014 it is a pleasure to see the deserved exponential growth of the quintet. Each time I take a listen the more I am reminded of The Rolling Stones, not as a tribute act, rather a bright update to the garage sounds of Carnaby Street.

Twin Peaks have a style which immediately transposes to which ever platform the music is delivered, be it a tinny mobile phone speaker, a high end home hi-fi or Stadium performance as there is a connectivity betwixt the players and the audience that transcends the delivery method and the first track of the bakers dozen on the new LP – Walk To The One You Love is of no exception. Who doesn’t enjoy a Honky-Tonk piano?

Down in Heaven – Twin Peaks is available on iTunes.*

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Clay Dudash – Three’s A Crowd – Audio

The US alternative-folk project of Clay Dudash last featured in the 2015 New Year Ninety.

Clay Dudash - Three's a Crowd

Clay Dudash

Each time Clay surfaces there is a different texture to the sound and with the latest track Three’s A Crowd the additional injection of electronics gives the material a surprising new angle. Whilst the core of the sound can be discovered if investigated, the track has a more gracious feel with the synths billowing clouds into the room giving the track a spacious almost slow-dance EDM timbre.

I look forward to discovering where the music of Clay Dudash heads next, which won’t be long in seeing the light of day as the EP Favourable Behaviour is due for imminent release.

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