Willie Weird – Garbage – Video

Willy Weird is the acidic-rock vehicle used by the US dark-melody creator Kelley Stoltz to explore different avenues.

Willie Weird - The Scuzzy Inputs Of... - artwork

Willie Weird – The Scuzzy Inputs Of… – artwork

Set for release on the 30th of October is the LP The Scuzzy Inputs Of… . A track which is marked by the gravel vocal that resonates of the nature of the song as it casts an acerbic eye around the world to which the lilting acoustics stand in sharp contrast, giving the the piece a powerful impact.

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The Scuzzy Inputs Of…. is available as limited edition vinyl through Stroll On Records.

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Library Voices – Zzyzx – Audio

The Canadian garage-gaze band Library Voices are set to release the LP Lovish on the 6th of November.

Library Voices

Library Voices

The septet merge one into the other in Zzyzx that merges into the ears like watching chocolate slowly melting. Library Voices is able to take the listener from solid mass to viscous flow in a track that lasts a tad over three and a half minutes and the audience is left wishing there was a double extension in which to continue to be massaged.

The highlight, for me, is the catalystic wind instrument, which during the course of a bit-part player in Zzyzx evolves into the fulcrum around which everything relies.

Zzyzx is the fourth of the eleven tracks on Lovish.


Lovish – Library Voices is available on iTunes.*

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Rexxy – Midnight – Video

It was early last year that the US synth-wave project Rexxy was introduced.

Rexxy - Midnight - artwork

Rexxy – Midnight – artwork

The latest single, Midnight, which was released last month, finds Rexxy in a more expansive mood than previous material, with hints of shoegaze and more strongly featured melodies. Giving the track greater variety of texture and I hope this signifies a direction of travel for future compositions.

Midnight – Single – Rexxy is available on iTunes.*

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Based in San Antonio, Texas in the USA are Kate Terrell, Jeremiah Teutsch, Caralyn Snyder and Hills Snyder who form the agit-folk troupe Wolverton.

Wolverton - agit-folk from the USA


The underlying agitation is reflected in discordant instrumentation which bleeds across the room like blood splatter, Wolverton then impose constructs of interpretation which veer between abhorrence of the scene and awe at the beauty of the patterns and it is their ability to draw the two opposites into convergence, which gives the material its beauty.

The quartet are uncompromising in their style which inevitably draws, by the very genre, but much scorn of the like of their kin – Dylan, Baez, Guthrie et al, yet to ignore the message for its conveyance, is to miss prescience and to my mind a grave error.

Lyric ever lays baleful eye, whilst the vocal delivery transposes, akin the instrumentation, betwixt menace and glorification giving the compositions an ebb and flow of texture which keeps the ears attenuated.

Growing in experience and confidence over their four years of journey, Wolverton have the potential to mark themselves out territory, which will be long lingering.

A new EP – Things Left On Earth – is set for release on the 3rd of November.


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Eve’s Twin Lover

Tim Flood (Vocals / Guitar), Owen Cooper (Bass), Lindsay Verstegen (Vocals / Keyboard), Will Phalen (Guitar) and Taylor Dunlap (Drums) from Chicago in the USA form the melting-rock band Eve’s Twin Lover.

Eve's Twin Lover - melting-rock from the USA

Eve’s Twin Lover

As you will have gathered by the genre descriptor the output of Eve’s Twin Lover will not have you pogoing around the room, it will however hold you entranced by the luxuriant ambience which takes over the spaces. Like an arachnid imperceptibly building its web so the quintet deliver content that will, unbeknown, have you wrapped in the silky threads.

The subtle keys are the fulcrum by which Eve’s Twin Lover is able to wrap the sounds beguilingly into the mind, to which softly spoken brushes of drum-skin create the textures. The bass unhurriedly steers the tracks forward, whilst the guitars build the layers from which the voices are able to gently flow into the ears. What is there not to enjoy with music that is best taken with the scent of Patchouli Oil?

Formed a few years ago, much like their music Eve’s Twin Lover remain understated, which is a great pity as they add considerably to the world of music and one can only hope that the mesmerising just under fifty minutes LP – Fable Bait, which was released last month and set for first live play through on the 12th at Hideout in their home town, will find them a far wider audience, with their music which transcends both decades and geo-political boundaries.


Fable Bait – Eve’s Twin Lover is available on iTunes.

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