GreyTone – A U R A – Single Review

The US ambient hip-hop artist GreyTone revealed the latest track A U R A a few hours ago.



The soft brushes of electronica and instrumentation which calmly swirl through the room to the accompianement of a calmly expressed vocal, belies of the malcontented nature of A U R A which represents the nature of existence of many – an unobtrusive and enslaved drudgery which has been become ever more ground to an inconvenient truth for the glossy PR of bureaucrats.

A song made all the more powerful and resolute of scathing reference-point for its very quiet and unassuming profile with its seemingly restful undulations, which in reality merely shields a burning fire.

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The Flatliners – The Arousal Of Repair – Audio

The Canadian garage-rock quartet The Flatliners release the three track single Mass Candescence on the 15th.

The Flatliners

The Flatliners

After fifteen years out and about with numerous releases and innumerable shows one could understand if The Flatliners sounded a little bored by it all – yet far from it – the newest single, as evidenced by the first song on the release – The Arousal Of Despair (available on vinyl via Dine Alone Records) – attests to a quartet who are as fresh and enthused as the day they started out.

Sure the garage may have smarter walls and a fancy roof with shinier cars in the driveway – but it is still a garage despite all that and the listener is soaked in the earthy grit of the music, not festooned by schmaltz.


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The Rungs – Trees – Single Review

The Rungs, a US synthdance trio, recently revealed their most recent track – Trees.

The Rungs - Trees

The Rungs

When first introduced back in 2014 The Rungs were a duo – now as a trio unexpectedly their music is even more slight in layers and flight of foot as the introduction of additional guitar has enabled them to create an even greater elasticity to the music that takes the listener to a game of pinball and minded of watching a shiny steel ball pinging around the board to an array of flashing lights.

Sometimes the world needs music which doesn’t take itself too seriously – rather invites the audience to join on the dance-floor and merely keep in time with the roller-blades.

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Malibu Soma – You & Me – Audio

The US electro-soul duo Malibu Soma released their eponymous LP earlier in the month.

Malibu Soma

Malibu Soma

A six track album of carefully ironed creases, which rather than finding the listener laying back and drifting off to sleep on a warm sunny afternoon finds them seeking out the white flares, sparkly belt and linen shirt to flow with the funk dips of the retrospective ’70s disco afterparty.

The second song is You & Me.


Malibu Soma – EP – Malibu Soma is available on iTunes.*

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The Vitals – Venom And Line – Single Review

The US blues-rock trio The Vitals released their latest single – Venom And Line on the 1st.

The Vitals - Venom And Line

The Vitals

A trio who rarely featured, having first been introduced in 2013 and last appeared three years ago – when they do – the week takes a lift for the better with their unfettered and free range take on the world of rock’n’roll.

Although the music has evolved over the years, the constancy of the three only ever players in The Vitals enables their music to have a consistency of thread and just like catching up with a childhood friend after many years all, immediately, slots in to place as though never gone away. Perhaps this explains their longevity, despite the infrequency of their new material, as although there have only been features in 2013 and 2015, other than a cover song in 2016, this is their complete catalogue of releases.

When The Vitals will return with a new song is open to anyone to speculate, be it tomorrow or in another few years, I look forward to picking up the threads of our connectivity once again at the appropriate moment – until then – Venom And Line (which is available on bandcamp).

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