The Sexbots – Summertime – Video

The avant-garde-synth US project The Sexbots are planning to release the LP The Girlfriend Experience later this year.

The Sexbots - Summertime

The Sexbots

From the album – Summertime is one of The Sexbots more accessible tracks featured over the past two years, with its almost linear progression. That doesn’t mean there are not eddies to explore, as the instantly recognisable voice of Ilima tugs on the ears, accompanied by a melange of synthetic swatches.

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Felixxx – Monstruos! – Audio

The psychedelic rock band from Mexico – Felixxx recently revealed their latest single.

Felixxx - Monstruos!


I am writing this article early in the morning and I get the feeling that the trippy nature of Monstruos!, will thread through the remainder of the day, so will probably not be as productive as I would otherwise have been.

Felixxx subsume Monstruos! (which is available on bandcamp) with wisps of ideas that spiral around the head in a shoegazed shimmer as the quartet, in a changed line-up from the January 2014 line-up originally introduced, ease the mind towards slowing down the pace of thought process.

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Maybe The Moon – Washout – Audio

The US sultry-synth duo Maybe The Moon released their latest track – Washout – a few hours ago.

Maybe The Moon - Washout

Maybe The Moon

The waves of sound caress the ears as Maybe The Moon provide the audience with just over three minutes of silk threads which drift around the room gently enveloping the mind. Washout is a track in which the duo utilise flat notes regularly, giving it the depth of emotional context and the synths introduce a broader spectrum of electronic instrumentation, allowing the piece to spread its wings further than many of their earlier pieces.

With a series of free singles over the past few months, I am hoping Maybe The Moon will package some material together as the music is best heard on long-player when the listener can hit play just the once and immerse themselves in the hypnotic sounds.

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URVah Khan – Strippa’Sta – Video

The Canada based alt-rock project URVah Khan released the LP Rock Khan Roll on the 9th.

URVah Khan - Rock Khan Roll - artwork

URVah Khan – Rock Khan Roll – artwork

The eager sense of anticipation, as to what formulation will be heard, is what makes for the pleasurable return to the site of URVah Khan after a two year absence.

In Strippa’Sta, which is the second of the nine tracks on the album, URVah Khan combines rock-a-billy with South-Eastern Asian and hip-hop influences to deliver pumping energy that finds the listener tapping footsteps in unison.

The switches of style through Strippa’Sta is a typical example of the out-put of URVah Khan, as are the scowling lyrics flashing scorn on the subject matter of the piece.

Rock Khan Roll – URVah Khan is available on iTunes.*

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Martin Del Carpio

The dark-electronica creator Martin Del Carpio based in New York in the USA released the LP Notes From The Underground on the 15th.

Martin Del Carpio - Notes From The Underground - artwork

Martin Del Carpio – Notes From The Underground – artwork

Having featured various tracks by Martin Del Carpio over the past eighteen months it seemed appropriate to write a fuller article on the material and the new album affords an ideal opportunity.

The music stretches from rock based instrumentation to experimental electronica with the underlying sense that the listener is listening to a commentary on a world in tumult. The slightly subsumed delivery gives the sense of discovering boarded up housing and disbanded manufacturing plants, investigating the crumbling infrastructure on a foggy night dimly lit by fluorescent amber lamps and Martin Del Carpio doesn’t seek to offer glimpses of a bright future, rather a feeling of isolation and forlorn hopelessness.

The material, for its very despondency, sears powerfully into the mind and the audience finds themselves drawn into the dystopian imagery, finding solace in the wanton carnage, in a similar way that authors such as Huxley, Solzhenitsyn and Jameson etc. wrote such engaging pieces of literature.

Notes From The Underground (available on bandcamp) is an eight track release approaching three quarters of an hour that contains very few discernible lyrics, in which you will find little light, but plenty of illumination and will not want to put down until the whole album has run through its journey.

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