Gothic Tropic – Flesh Dance – Video

Gothic Tropic is an alt-rock band from the USA.

Gothic Tropic - Awesome Problems - artwork

Gothic Tropic – Awesome Problems – artwork

Sometimes bands sadly just slip through the net and although Gothic Tropic have been round for a few years now, this is their first feature on the website.

Taken from the EP Awesome Problems, Flesh Dance is the first of the four tracks of the September 2011 original and second of the five on the December 2011 re-release.

A live acoustic version of the song still elicits layers of texture which captivate, that in plugged-in version are further enhanced.


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Blonde Summer – Stay Kids – Video

Blonde Summer is a US electro-garage quartet.

Blonde Summer – Paradise - artwork

Blonde Summer – Paradise – artwork

The middle of the five tracks on the EP Paradise, released earlier this year, is Stay Kids.

Even on a wet, cold miserable autumn morning Stay Kids finds a ray of sunshine and warmth that eases its way into the room. The mind is drawn to watching slowly lapping surf washing ashore on a warm evening whilst lazing on a golden sanded beach.

Blonde Summer are able to infect the listener with a calmness which emanates from the fuzzy delivery and lavish electronics which gently flow into the ears as the percussion reinforces the alluring sense of relaxation that wraps itself around the audience.

Paradise – EP – Blonde Summer is available on iTunes.*

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Eric, Matthew, Adam, Pat and Kurt – split between Philadelphia and New York in the USA – form the cinematic-rock band PALMAS.

PALMAS - cinematic-rock from the USA


Atmospheric textures ooze out of the speakers (unlike the shouty capitalisation of the band name) filling the room with puffy down-filled pillows of luxury. Harking of ’60s Merseybeat the quintet have added surfy froth, to festoon the listener, in luscious compositions in which to recline. It is easy to imagine the soundtrack to any brightly light Lynch film with PALMAS adding the finishing touches of context to the scenes. Far more than this, the creations are not merely backing music but stand on their own legs with considerable poise.

Easily spaced reverbed and delayed guitar is interwoven with blurred percussion giving the out-put its other-worldly qualities as the vocal peeks its head above the mix without ever aiming to become an over-riding element of the creations.

PALMAS are, unsurprisingly, gaining significant traction in live performance and the release of To The Valley yesterday will, if justice be served, break to a global audience a quintet who should be far better known.

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The Scarlet Fever – Sea Of Mercury – Video

Earlier this year the Canadian electro-goth quintet The Scarlet Fever were introduced.

The Scarlet Fever - Sea Of Mercury - artwork

Sea Of Mercury, the third of the eleven tracks on the LP Collider is a continuation of the journey, with The Scarlet Fever groping deeper into the entrails finding bloodied hands grasping still beating heart, in a number that slithers from hold as the semi-permeable soundtrack promenades from the speakers in self-confident aloofness.

Rather than becoming disenfranchised the listener stretches arms to gain tenuous grip in frenzied desire to become part of the festooned procession. The Scarlet Fever have the knack of furrowing a path that enraptures the audience in the casually scattered flecks of gold that spill into earshot – to entice further investigation.

Collider – The Scarlet Fever is available on iTunes.*

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Shane Romero – The Gentlemen’s Movement – Video

Shane Romero is an urban hip-hop poet from the USA.

Shane Romero

Shane Romero

In something of a parody of all Shane Romero purports to stand for The Gentleman’s Movement tells the story of ‘achieving’ the ‘American Dream’ in a journey from legacies of street shootings, with trainers hung over wires in remembrance, to delusional sartorial elegance and soulless exile.

Perhaps Shane won’t thank me for mentioning it, but to me, he was able to take the mickey out of the dingy, so called aspirational, clothing retailer – Argyleculture – who have chosen this song as their version of ‘drip down economics’ in a number that demonstrates all that is wrong with a society that doesn’t care about anything other than ‘what is your bank balance?’ with The Gentlemen’s Movement.

Or, perhaps that is just my cynical take on the world and some people do aspire to be conned by a system that has failed. Whichever message you take, a great piece and poetry is always about personal interpretation.

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