Wander – Stay Away – Video

The US emo quartet Wander are set to release the LP Precipice on the 19th of August.

Wander - Stay Away


When introduced back in 2014 Wander were a trio, the additional guitar allows them to deliver music of even greater introspection and from the forthcoming follow-up LP to their eponymous début – Stay Away demonstrates this additional layer of sonics and brooding foreboding.

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The Pack A.D. – Fair Enough – Audio

The Canadian rock duo The Pack A.D. release the LP Positive Thinking on the 12th of August.

The Pack A.D. - Fair Enough

The Pack A.D. – Fair Enough

From the twelve track album (available through Cadence Music), the closer – Fair Enough is a song that has a psychedelic tinge commenting on the easy escapism of self-created bubbles of illusion.

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Charlie Mess

Charlie Mess is the new woebegone-folk project of Charlie Meszaros based in Chicago (USA).

Charlie Mess

Charlie Mess

The introspective isolationism of the inner-workings of the mind of Charlie Mess seeps across the floor akin to congealing blood plasma forming gloopy stunted flows. Reflecting of the sense of a world in which individual units have become silos of isolation theoretically connected through tubes of electro-currents and blips on social media pages there is an eviscerating honesty to the raw jagged edges of the sound that remind of lacerations self-inflicted by a blunt rusty knife.

Not seeking to provide any finesse to the lo-fi production Charlie Mess has been able to reveal a ten track LP They Don’t Want You which was released on the 11th (available on bandcamp).

As regular readers know I am always fully supportive of musicians who hang their essential being out for inspection and Charlie Mess certainly delivers on this front. The specious comments on the quality of the compositions and the ‘self-pity’ with which this will undoubtedly be met, are perhaps more a reflection of the make-over mirror in which those who will be loudly scornful actually also feel if they were honest with themselves as they ponder the stannous thread by which they seek to fit into a world at which they feel at odds, than genuine criticism.

Yes – the tracks are raw and the flatness of pitch noticeable, however… it is this very fragility that, to me, makes Charlie Mess a creator with much of value to offer and I thank him for adding much to the world of music and life in general and am pleased he has found a means of communicating from his sense of hopeless isolation.

From the album – I’m Off To Find Me.

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She Killed In Ecstasy – The Dangers Of Smiling – Audio

She Killed In Ecstasy is the experimental electronics project of Clay Smith from the USA.

She Killed In Ecstacy

She Killed In Ecstacy

Splitting time between film writing and creating minimalist experimentalism Clay Smith regularly releases music through the She Killed In Ecstasy project.

The most recent being the light-fantastic just under two and three quarter minute The Dangers Of Smiling, that surfaced on the 11th, which trips around the room like a spring shower of rain forming individual splash puddles of its own formation.

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Loona Dae – The Truth – Video

Loona Dae is an R&B project from the USA.

Loona Dae

Loona Dae

A live version of The Truth drifts mesmerically around the ears as laid-back bass undulates through the track and the distinctive vocal takes the foreground to the spread of bowed and strummed string accompaniment.

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