Matt Tan – Attack Of Venus Nympho – Audio

Matt Tan is a Canadian experimental-rock creator.

Matt Tan

Matt Tan

Heavily influenced by ’60s and ’70s musicians a slew of new tracks has arisen within the past few days.

From the eclectic mix of material the track Attack Of Venus Nympho caught my attention and serves as an introduction to a musician I look forward to hearing much more from during the course of the year.


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LuxGaze – Nostalgia – Audio

LuxGaze is a Canadian downtempo creator.



The latest track to surface Nostalgia is a melancholic compositions which drifts through the room in misty twists of echoing guitar and pulsating percussion which rather than leaving the listener in sad mood finds them absorbed by the haunting beauty of the song with, merely, a desire to luxuriate in their feeling of isolated contemplation.

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Lunar Lemur – Gate 19 – Audio

The Canadian ambient-electronica project Lunar Lemur releases the LP How Do You Know You’re The Same You When You Wake? on the 31st.

Lunar Lemur - How Do You Know You're The Same You When You Wake? - artwork

Lunar Lemur – How Do You Know You’re The Same You When You Wake? – artwork

The twenty three track album (available on bandcamp) is of a different feel to when Lunar Lemur previously feature with its quiet expansive fusions of bells and echoing synth.

Each track being simple named Gate and the number it is on the LP – this being Gate 19.

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The Furr – Folly – Audio

The Furr is a garage-blues project from Canada.

The Furr

The Furr

Having spent time attempting to congeal with other musicians and not getting the desired connectivity, in the past few months, akin to a warm bottle of ale having been shaken, the lid flew off the bottleneck resulting in a solo artist revealing a slew of material, both as singles and albums, which hurtles through the speakers in frothing frustration with the most recent reveal being the seven track LP Dr Lucifer & The Magic Factory (available on bandcamp).

The conjoining of structured chords and grazing knuckles enables The Furr to deliver music of bruising ferocity which leave the listener with blue swellings around the eyes.

From the album Dr Lucifer & The Magic Factory the penultimate track is Folly.

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Mattie Leon – Boy – Audio

Mattie Leon is a Canadian folk-rock creator.

Mattie Leon - photo credit - Josh Haggarty

Mattie Leon – photo credit – Josh Haggarty

A rich and rightfully confident vocal is surrounded by acoustic melodies, to the accompaniment of trotting percussion, giving the songs both a depth of texturing as well as momentum that was most recently captured in the seven track LP Signal Hill (available on bandcamp).

Whilst my selection from the release is the southern-blues infused second song Boy – it should not be taken as typical of the LP as the almost half-an hour album is a mix of material that includes influences of RnB, soul fusion and folk-ballad.


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