Dilly Dally – Sober Motel – Audio

The Canadian grunge quartet Dilly Dally release the LP Heaven on the 14th of September.

Dilly Dally - Photograph by Michelle Homonylo

Dilly Dally – Photograph by Michelle Homonylo

Although it has been almost three years since last featured, which on this occasion is not my poor administration rather the length of time since last releasing music, immediately on hitting play on the newest track to surface from the album – Sober Motel – the instantly recognisable vocal fits like a treasured glove as the listener once again looks around on the floor expectantly searching for guitar parts which must surely have broken off and spiralled through the speakers.

Heaven (available on bandcamp) marks a welcome return to the quartet, Sober Motel is the fourth of the nine songs.

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Twilight Fields – Song Undelivered – Audio

The Canadian sadcore project Twilight Fields recently surfaced with a new track.

Twilight Fields

Twilight Fields

A musical project which first featured in 2016, Twilight Fields has always created music of melancholic countenance whilst empathetic of others.

The new track – Song Delivered – continues that narrative with a composition that finds succour with the many musicians around the globe, who although pouring heart and soul in to their songs are unable to find any traction or interest by others, yet despite that, still have the urgent need to to keep on creating even in the knowledge that it may well be music that only they will ever hear.

Perhaps an anthem for this site, which does try to offer some kind of bridge to many in that position whilst eschewing that which is major label.

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Billy Moon – D.W.T.B.A. – Video

The Canadian garage rock project Billy Moon releases the LP Punk Songs on the 14th of September.

Billy Moon

Billy Moon

Wafts of ’70s new wave drift through the speaker in the fuzzy sounds of the first song to be revealed from the ten track LP – D.W.T.B.A. – on the basis of which mid-September seems an awfully long way off.

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Punk Songs – Billy Moon is available on iTunes.*

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Johnny Payne – Lazy Love – Audio

The soft-rock crooner Johnny Payne, from Canada, will be releasing the EP Johnny on the 28th of September.

Johnny Payne

Johnny Payne

It isn’t often that on listening to music of the ’10s one is immediately minded of the two Bobbys’ – Vee and Vinton – this is one of those moments and a delight it is too.

Lazy Love is the the first of the five tracks on an EP that needs adding to the ‘candle lit supper for two’ playlist.

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Johnny – EP – Johnny Payne is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Gena Perala – Lucky One – Video

It has been a few years since the Canadian musician Gena Perala last featured.

Gena Perala - Lucky One

Gena Perala – Lucky One

Word arrives that work is underway for a new triphop LP, therefore you will readily identify this country-rock live performance of the new track Lucky One isn’t going to be on that album – however, regular readers will also know I am a sucker for certain instruments – slide guitar being one…

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