Nomadic Massive – Move In Silence – Audio

Vox Sambou, Nantali Indongo, Lou Piensa, Waahli, Ali Sepu, Meryem, Butta Beats and Rawgged based in Montréal (Canada) who form the world-hop band Nomadic Massive released the EP MIWA on the 23rd.

Nomadic Massive

Nomadic Massive

Nomadic Massive merely ask of the audience to stretch the limbs, cast aside points of difference with others and sway to the beats.

Originating from Chile, Haiti, Canada, Brazil, France, Jamaica, Algieria and Brazil their disparate influences are reflected in their multilingual output which immediately lifts the listener on to the dance floor to join with the relaxed party mood of the hip-hop derived compositions.

The five tracks on MIWA (available on bandcamp) are each of very different source derivative – the penultimate song is Move In Silence.


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Dante Hadden – Most Nights – Audio

The alt-folk musician Dante Hadden, from Vancouver (Canada), will be releasing the EP Most Nights on the 21st of December.

Dante Hadden

Dante Hadden

A five track EP of variegated dappled songs that mind the listener of walking through a silver-birch copse in late autumn with the rays of the sun filtered through the sparse foliage and the scent of damp leaves underfoot as the roughly eighteen evocative minutes of the release percolate through mind, sometimes led by guitar other times by a melancholic pianoforte, yet always focused on the distinctive vocal.

The first song to surface from the EP – the title track and opening song Most Nights was itself released as a stand alone single on the 23rd.


Most Nights – Single – Dante Hadden is available on iTunes.*

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VHOD – Raash – Audio

It is over three years since the Canadian dark-metal project VHOD last featured.



Though there has been a steady stream of new material surfacing, more recently the frequency of single releases has become ever more rapid-fire.

The most recent, which was released on the 3rd (available on bandcamp), Raash is an instrumental piece that has the similarity of the dystopian oppression that is threaded through all the catalogue.

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Young Galaxy – Backwards Love – Audio

The Montreal (Canada) based dreamwave duo of Catherine McCandless and Stephen Ramsay performing as Young Galaxy released their swansong three track single Snow Leopard yesterday.

Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy

As though sculpted from sand the compositions have a scooped granular texture of finest detail, which the further removed from the speakers takes on ever softer ambient flow in to which the mind becomes bewitched.

The approximately eighteen minutes single is available on bandcamp with my pick of the release being, perhaps appropriately, the closing track – Backwards Love.

Although this is the end of the road after a dozen years, the duo do anticipate creating music together in the future, though of different guise and performance name, as well as exploring other opportunities separately.


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Run Coyote – Night Rider – Audio

The desert-rock quartet from Toronto (Canada) of Jake Allen (Guitar), Sam Allen (Vocals / Guitar), Amanda Grant (Bass / Vocals) and Jeremy Ramos-Foley (Drums) who combine to make-up Run Coyote are planning the release of an LP in the first half-of next year.

Run Coyote - Photo by Connor Payne

Run Coyote – Photo by Connor Payne

Wandering through the back catalogue of material the listener is given to a sense of a quartet who would be at home in a dusty saloon-bar on the Chisholm Trail, as a welcoming site for a night around the campfire and reminisce of times long past.

As a very early indicator of what to expect on the forthcoming album the rock’n’roll number Night Rider surfaced a couple of days ago.


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