Society’s Plague – Rise Of The Eidolon – Video

The US melodic-metal quintet Society’s Plague will be releasing the LP Call To The Void on the 27th.

Society's Plague - Photo Credit - John Payne

Society’s Plague – Photo Credit – John Payne

Society’s Plague create music which is more frequently associated with Scandinavia as the flowing melodies take on a folk-derived soundtrack that minds of sprites and nymphs and the ten track album extends an opportunity for the listener to allow their mind to imaginings of hidden forests, dark lakes and epic tales of fantastical travels.

The closing song on the roughly thirty six minutes LP is Rise Of The Eidolon.


Call to the Void – Society’s Plague is available on iTunes.*

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Nastos – Down Hear – Audio

The US trippy-rock quartet Nastos release the LP Inherited Dreams on the 21st.

Nastos - Inherited Dreams - test pressing

Nastos – Inherited Dreams – test pressing

The ten track album (I believe will be available on bandcamp in due course), which runs for roughly forty minutes, has a lofidelity analogue hum running through its veins which gives the listener the sense they are being welcomed in to a space of good intent and the longer they linger the more settled in to a world of glassy eyed stare and smiling face.

Whilst best digested in full at one sitting, Inherited Dreams is an album which does still work by dipping in and out at opportune moments – though to do may result in unexpectedly finding oneself listening to one of the more rapid songs on the release.

My selection from the LP is the sixth – Down Hear.

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Cameron Toy – Boot/Rally – Audio

The US electro-glitch protect Cameron Toy released the two track single Boot/Rally a few hours ago.

Cameron Toy - photo by Liz Rogers

Cameron Toy – photo by Liz Rogers

The title track and A side of the single – Boot/Rally, which is available on bandcamp, is my selection of the two songs as the electronica bruises the recording levels resulting in the song having a continual sparking akin to electric cables shorting and standing in stark contrast to the B side Distracted, which is a soft brush ambient lofi number.

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Trivial Nonsense – Amor Ni Deseo – Audio

The US alternative-rock oufit Trivial Nonsense released the LP Heaven on the 16th.

Trivial Nonsense

Trivial Nonsense

The nine track album is a not inconsequential body of work, as Trivial Nonsense ponder both thoughts of hopelessness in a society that is intent on splintering in to silos of righteousness along with an optimism that the mistakes of the recent past can ultimately be rectified resulting in a more inclusive cohesion.

The roughly twenty two minutes release comprises of thoughtful measured tracks that have a natural flow from one to the other, giving Heaven an organic, breathing embodiment which during its journey brings in connectivity of influences from different continents – my selection from the LP being the latina-rock threaded  fourth – Amor Ni Deseo.


Heaven EP – Trivial Nonsense is available on iTunes.*

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Moonlight Bloom – Files – Audio

The US alt-rock trio Moonlight Bloom released the LP Walking Trees on the 14th.

Moonlight Bloom

Moonlight Bloom

The seven track album (available on bandcamp) splits in to two distinct units – the opening three songs are full recordings, the final three are live studio sessions – what about the seventh track you may be wondering – that is a twenty second interlude which breaks the LP in to two.

Moonlight Bloom create music, which, even when fully recorded has an extemporised feel as filaments of jazz, soul-funk, psychedelia and rock cast their soft light through the room in retro rainbows of free-form compositions. The penultimate song is Files.


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