Seaholm – Black Vans – Audio

The US emo trio Seaholm released the EP I Thought It’d Be Funny on the 15th.

Seaholm - Photo by Royal Skeleton Media

Seaholm – Photo by Royal Skeleton Media

A blur of infectious skater fused jumble tumbles out of the room filling the spaces with acrobatic flips and turns in an energetic ball of sound.

The four track EP is available on bandcamp, my pick of which is the closer Black Vans.

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Psychocide – Confined – Audio

The Canada based alt-rock trio Psychocide are working on a new EP.



A mixed bag of back catalogue means that they are as yet undecided of the full set of tracks for the forthcoming EP – resultingly the latest track to surface, Confined, which was revealed less than twenty four hours ago –  may or may not make the cut.

Confined is a progressive-rock influenced song which is pierced by bubbles of indie-dance, making for an approaching four minutes thread of variegated texturing.

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The Gorgeous Oranges – Animals – Audio

The US synth-rock band The Gorgeous Oranges are set to release the LP Not Today Satan later this month.

The Gorgeous Oranges

The Gorgeous Oranges

The latest track to surface from the album – Animals , which was released as a stand alone single (available on bandcamp) on the 14th, –  slips quietly out of the speakers, only to encase the listener in a puddling blues-ballad that demands full attention.

The subtle hum of keyboard laying under the gnarly-blues guitar riffs gives the track its completely absorbing demeanour with the superlative vocal and supporting harmonised voices presses an unexpected melancholia to the composition as the bass and percussion maintain the progression of Animals and deliver its palpable intensity of presence.


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The Bowling Alley Sound – The Highway State – Single Review

The US art-rock quintet The Bowling Alley Sound released the single The Highway State on the 15th.

The Bowling Alley Sound - The Highway State

The Bowling Alley Sound

In similar vein to their previous single Alabama Dissonance, which featured last year, The Highway State is inspired from being on the road, albeit on this occasion the music has a more disturbed underpinning which ebbs and flows akin to traffic moving and stopping in a traffic queue.

During its nine and almost two thirds of a minutes The Highway State (available on bandcamp) is led by a variety of spotlight instruments, including blown, strummed, bowed and keyed which further adds to the choppy motion of the journey.

It will be interesting to discover how many miles in to the inspiration of the tarmacadam of road trips The Bowling Alley Sound will further travel, in what is proving to be a rich seam of creativity, in its allegories of human interrelationships.

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Dusk – The Names You Got – Audio

The US country-rock quintet Dusk released their eponymous LP on the 15th.



A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which takes the listener on a wide reaching journey of sound with the songs ranging from tear-jerkers to shoe-shuffling rock’n’roll. Their key point of difference of sound being the synthesised keys that enables Dusk to head far from the more trodden dusty trail and stake out their own ground.

The closing track is The Names You Got.

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